Hold your breath before you see what Lynn Tanner from "ALF"40 years after its premiere

ALF is undoubtedly one of the most successful television comedies of all time since its unique humor made anyone laugh. The 1986 American production owes part of its popularity to its talented actors; as Andrea Elsonwho played Lynn Tanner.

ALF was an alien who becomes part of the Tanner family, whose members were played by Andrea Elson as Lynn Tanner, Max Wright as Willie Tanner, Anne Schedeen as Kate Tanner, and Benji Gregory as Brian Tanner. The appearance of ALF It is characterized by being covered in orange fur and its most characteristic phrase was: “No problem.”

The friendly alien comes into the lives of the Tanner family while fleeing their home planet, which was on the brink of destruction. Upon arriving on Earth he crashed on the roof of the Tanners’ garage. The family decided to keep ALF hidden from a military division in charge of extraterrestrial affairs, as well as its meddlesome neighbors.

This family consisted of social worker Willie, his wife Kate, their children Lynn and Brian, and their cat named Lucky. Andrea Elson is the one who played LynnTanner, the teenage daughter of the Tanner couple. For their part, Benji Gregory and Andrea Elson They were also nominated in several Young Actor categories for their work in ALF at the Young Artist Awards during 1987-1989, and the show also received a nomination for Best Family Television Series.

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Before his participation in ALF, Andrea Elson He was part of the program “Whiz Kids” in 1983 and also made a small appearance in an episode of “Married… with Children” and “Loco por ti”. After 40 years since the premiere of the successful comedy in which she played Lynn TannerThis is what the actress who is currently 54 years old looks like:

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