Hold your breath before you see what Marité Matus looks like as ‘Harley Quinn’

The famous Chilean influencer, Marité Matus, has once again been the center of attention on social media, and this time, it is not for her characteristic lifestyle or fashion content, but for a daring Halloween costume that left her followers surprised. Matus, known for her Instagram presence, shared a photo of herself that showed her transformed into the iconic comic book character ‘Harley Quinn’, setting social media alight with her unusual and eye-catching wardrobe choice.

In the image of instagram, Marité Matus recreated Harley Quinn’s distinctive makeup and hairstyle, which included two-color hair and lush makeup, true to the character from the DC universe. The photo was accompanied by a series of hashtags and emojis related to Halloween, making it clear that she was celebrating the holiday in a spectacular way.

Marité Matus. Source: Instagram @mariteematus

The publication of Matus It occurred in the midst of a controversial public confrontation with soccer player Arturo Vidal, who previously shared news on his social networks about a mother convicted of denying paternal visits. Marité Matus did not take long to respond forcefully, accusing Vidal of violating the rights of children and questioning his commitment as his father.

The confrontation between Matus and Vidal escalated further when the footballer revealed emails in which he claimed he had been denied time with his children. Vidal defended his role as a father and assured that he had never neglected his children. Marité Matus, however, was not far behind and threatened to show all the emails in his response to Vidal, which promises to add more drama to this public dispute.

Marité Matus. Source: Instagram @mariteematus

As the public waits to see how this confrontation plays out on social media, one thing is certain: Marité Matus has once again demonstrated her ability to keep everyone attentive to her life, whether through her shocking Halloween costume or her opinions in public controversies.