Hold your breath before you see what Ninoska Espinoza, the first wife of DJ Méndez and mother of 3 of his children, looks like

We know how to keep public figures very present, but what do we know about their ex-partners? We show you how Ninoska Espinoza is currently, one of the protagonists of the reality show “The Mendez”.

Los Méndez was a very popular television program in our country which showed the daily life of the artist DJ Méndez. The program aired in 2012 on TVN with high audience levels, thus being broadcast until 2014 with its fourth and final season.

Currently, DJ Méndez, at 47 years old, is in a relationship with Beatriz, who is a couple of years apart from him and recently commented that he is looking for his seventh child. The artist is the father of María Fernanda, Isis, Esai, Eva, Leo Jr. and Stephanie. These last three are children of the first marriage that he settled with Ninoska Espinosa. After her separation, she kept her children living with her in Sweden, although she always instilled in her a link with Chile. It is so so that the three speak Spanish.

Ninoska Espinoza currently. Source: @nina_espinoza_v

ninoska He is currently living in Sweden, where he has lived for many years. But the affection and love that he feels for our country makes him always keep it in mind.

This is demonstrated in her description of TikTok in which you can see that she lives in Sweden, but “Chilean at heart”. The platform has become its own reality show, since it uploads videos very often showing its daily life and sharing various activities with its fans, achieving a very loyal community that accompanies each post of spinoza.