Hold your breath before you see what Sofía Vergara looked like when she hosted the Viña del Mar Festival 30 years ago

Colombian actress Sofia Vergara 50 years old is one of the great figures of the industry. The artist has an important career behind her as she went a long way to conquer Hollywood and become the winner of international awards.

Sofia Vergara She is very active on the camera’s social network where she accumulates more than 29 million followers from all latitudes who are aware of her movements and publications. For them, the actress shares her best looks and poses and also iconic moments of her career.

Now, Sofia Vergara opened the trunk of memories and showed a photo from when she was the driver of the mythical Vina del Mar Festival almost 30 years ago. Back then she didn’t have the fame and experience of today and his physical appearance was also quite different from today.

Sofia Vergara in Viña del Mar. Source: instagram @sofiavergara

Sofia Vergara was in front of Vina del Mar Festival in the 1994 and 1995 editions. “My best hair days in Viña Del Mar,” the actress wrote on social networks in the middle of a #tbt that moved her fans and swept thousands of likes and hundreds of comments for her talent And beauty.

Sofia Vergara in Viña del Mar. Source: instagram @sofiavergara

Sofia Vergara was in the Vina del Mar Festival in his time as a model and there he made a pair with Antonio Vodanovic and presented artists such as Luis Jara, Maná, Paulina Rubio and Illapu on stage. She also took the much-desired crown as Queen of the Viña del Mar Festival, for the beauty of her that she currently maintains.