Hold your breath to see what Amanda, the pigtailed girl from “Matilda” looks like today, 27 years after its premiere

“Matilda” is a film adapted from a book written by Roald Dahn, published in 1988, and in 1996 managed to be released in theaters. This classic family comedy tells us about the life of a girl who has telekinetic powers, capable of controlling everything around her with her eyes. But during her time at school, she made great friends, including Amandainterpreted by Jacqueline Steiger, who stood out for her long blonde braids.

This feature film had the support of The Walt Disney Studios and managed to raise more than 30 million dollars around the world. In addition to its funny story, the success of “Matilda” was framed by its iconic characters, such as Miss Honey or the teacher Tronchatoro, who were opposites to each other. Also her friends, like Bruce, a gluttonous boy capable of eating a giant cake, and Amandaplayed by Jacqueline Stieger, a girl with long braids and giant glasses.

Amanda was one of the many friends who Matilda he did in his time at the strict school directed by the teacher Tronchatoro. But this girl with long braids would be the victim of mistreatment by this teacher who throws her into the air after grabbing her hair. This scene is one of the most remembered in the cinema, where the actress Jacqueline Steiger claim to fame.

But at present, Jacqueline Steiger He is 33 years old and has an Instagram account with more than 2,000,000 followers. After interpreting Amanda in “Matilda”, He returned to the cameras in the film “Daniel el Travieso”, but decided to leave acting and dedicate himself to studies. The result of this led her to graduate with a BA in Linguistics and Anthropology from the University of California.

Source: Instagram Jacqueline Steiger

Although the former actress of “Matilda” is now retired from acting, still enjoying being remembered by fans as Amanda. During the summers, Jacqueline Steiger dedicates a part of his time to be present at the San Diego Comic Con. Despite not having the same braids and the same hair color, the young woman has similar glasses that she used when she participated in the film, an element that generates a feeling of nostalgia for her character.

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