Holidays, home exchange boom at no cost

Worldwide, 1.1 million stays booked for 2024

Travel and discover new places all over the world without giving up the sofa at home. It is not a utopia but the home exchange formula that allows you to exchange your home for another, at no cost, to take a local or international trip. This is the basis of the success of the home exchange which records over 46,500 exchanges and 1,194,500 stays booked for the new year, demonstrating how this way of traveling is increasingly popular. Word of HomeExchange, the leading global platform in the home exchange sector, which concludes an extraordinary 2023, highlighting significant growth and confirming its leadership in the world of home-swapping.

With over 150,000 members in 145 countries and an exchange finalized every 2 minutes on the platform, HomeExchange shares the results of its end-of-year report, underlining a growing popularity also in Italy. Looking to the future, HomeExchange expects constant growth and continued interest from Italians too. In 2024, 2,500 exchanges have already been planned, with a total of 51,500 stays booked through HomeExchange.

The the cities that will be most successful will be the great cultural and tourist destinations of our country: Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, and Turin which together with the regions of Lazio, Tuscany, Lombardy, Veneto, and Sicily, will be at the center of home-swapping experiences in Italy during the new year.

Emmanuel Arnauld, co-founder of HomeExchange, commented: “We are thrilled to see such a strong take-up on our platform in Italy. The significant increase in exchanges and stays reflects the growing desire for a more conscious, authentic and responsible way to travel Our mission is to continue to facilitate this positive sharing, which, thanks to the significant savings it offers, is still an accommodation option that allows everyone to go on holiday.”

In 2024, the company’s ambition will be to play an increasingly important role in the tourism sector, thanks to a vision based on three pillars. 1) Democratization of home-swapping: the goal of HomeExchange is the democratization of home-swapping, a virtuous model without financial logic among its members to make holidays more responsible and accessible to all. HomeExchange aims to reach mass audiences in the United States, Spain, Canada and Italy, while continuing to develop in emerging markets. The company’s global goal is to reach 200,000 members by the end of the year.

2) Ease of use: in 2023, 80% of HomeEchange members have exchanged their home at least once; In 2024, the company will aim to ensure at least one exchange per year for each member and believes that the use of artificial intelligence is fundamental to achieving this goal. Platform optimization, search times, artificial intelligence and algorithms are in fact at the center of HomeExchange’s strategy.

3) Reduce environmental impact: HomeExchange is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by at least 5% per year. Furthermore, the company wants to raise awareness among its community to travel and exchange their homes responsibly, placing sustainability at the center of its model and thus aiming to reduce the average annual carbon footprint of its members by 5% per year , for a more sustainable future for all.

HomeExchange continues to be the preferred choice for those seeking an innovative and sustainable way to experience their holidays, offering opportunities for discovery and unique human connections, creating unforgettable memories and strengthening the bond of solidarity and trust between travellers.