Holidays, tomorrow a black dot day for traffic

Traffic ban for heavy vehicles

On the occasion of the next weekend, close to the August 15th holiday, traffic volumes are expected to be among the highest of the year, in the direction of the main Italian and border seaside and holiday resorts. Red dots on the roads for the entire day today and Sunday 13 August, while black dot traffic conditions are expected for tomorrow morning. To facilitate the movement of holidaymakers, there is a ban on the circulation of vehicles with a mass exceeding 7.5t from 4 to 10 pm today, tomorrow from 8 am to 10 pm and on public holidays on Sunday 13 and Tuesday 15 August from 7 to 22.

The road and motorway management companies and bodies have planned their activities so that, on weekends and along routes characterized by the highest traffic flows, temporary work sites are removed, implementing, where removal is not technically possible , all the necessary precautions to ensure the maximization of safety and the fluidity of circulation and guarantee the greatest number of lanes possible. On the website of the State Police, in addition to the summer exodus plan, there is a handbook of advice for those who want to rent a caravan, in order to travel in safety and avoid incurring the penalties provided for by sector legislation.

For all those who will drive a vehicle, it is advisable to check the efficiency of the vehicle before leaving; rationally arrange the luggage by balancing the weights and not overloading the car; identify a correct position for the transport of the animals; avoid large meals and alcoholic beverages; be sufficiently rested; keep constantly updated on traffic conditions, local inconveniences or the adoption of traffic regulation measures to favor the fluidity of movements cannot be excluded. During the journey: keep the seat belts fastened, including the rear ones; use the special seats for children; do not get distracted while driving; make frequent stops; moderate speed; keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead; use caution when overtaking; never use the emergency lane, except in cases of necessity; on three-lane motorways, always travel in the first lane, on the right.