Home: Meritocrazia Italia, ‘Pinqua opportunity not to be missed, almost 3 billion for Erp’

“With the official passage of the Court of Auditors, the National Innovative Program for the Quality of Living (PINQuA) can be implemented. The goal is ambitious: to change the face of Italian cities, trying to regenerate the socio-economic fabric with decisive interventions of public housing. The resources destined to give substance to the plan amount to almost 3 billion euros (to be exact 2.82). It is significant that 40% of the total went to the Southern Regions, the most crisis throughout the national territory. For years and, even more so, following the pandemic crisis. There are 159 proposals that put urban regeneration at the center. Deadlines are peremptory, at least in the declared. All works must be completed by March 31, 2026. PinQua is an unrepeatable opportunity, not to be missed “. So Meritocrazia Italia.

“For the recovery after a period of troubles, the new loans cannot go to waste. Never like this time, there is a concrete possibility of changing the image of many ‘gray’ areas of the country. It is time to take action. to the ideas accumulated over time and never implemented for reasons, real or fictitious, of the lack of funds. It will be necessary to make choices of courage, even at the cost of immediate unpopular decisions. It is necessary to aim for structural interventions. Only in this way will a transformation truly be possible. and, above all, to connect different areas. In Bari, a project was approved that provides for the redevelopment of the area near the station. In Messina it went further: a project was approved that involves the demolition of old houses, to the redevelopment of all social housing “.

“It is time for the recovery of the peripheral areas. It is from these that we need to start, to overcome the sad phenomenon of social ghettoization or the marginalization of the poorest areas, for the rediscovery of the beauty of the territory thanks to new goals of urban decoration. The PinQua it could also become a tool to achieve another important goal. That of putting a barrier against global warming. New buildings will have to aim for low consumption and use sustainable energy. A new mentality is needed, in order not to repeat the mistakes of the past. We need to value the innovations that the post-pandemic world has brought with it, solving two problems at the same time: overcoming social abandonment and protecting the environment.