Home, Milan more and more expensive: 8 nearby municipalities where to buy it

Discounts on prices, compared to those of the capital, which travel between 30 and 70%

The real estate market a Milan it’s getting more and more expensive. With a average price of houses for sale of 5050 euros per square metre, in fact, the main economic and financial center of the country, with all that it has to offer in terms of job opportunities, cultural life and nightlife, risks remaining only a dream for many. The situation is different in the hinterland, where finding a house costs much less.

Century 21 Italia, the Italian branch of the American real estate giant, analyzed the market and drew a map of the Milan area, comparing the distance from the center of the capital – using Piazza del Duomo as a reference point – and the price per square meter of neighboring municipalities, to identify the most interesting alternatives to the metropolitan centre. Apart from the most renowned cities, such as Monza or Pavia, there are many smaller municipalities enviable for accessibility and livability, also thanks to the redevelopments of recent years that make them “beautiful places to live”. Here are 8 of the municipalities with the best ratio between price and distance, where you can buy a house, with discounts on prices ranging between 30 and 70%.

Gallarate (52,452 inhabitants) e Busto Arsizio (82,754 inhabitants) are comparable municipalities both in terms of distance from the center (48 and 43 minutes respectively, time calculated assuming to use public transport and move at 9 in the morning) and the discount of the average sale prices of the properties compared to the city of Milan – around 70% (respectively 1,511 and 1,465 euros per square metre). They differ mainly in the order of size of the population, but offer a similar lifestyle: they are perhaps further away than other municipalities from the center of Milan but, served from every point of view as well as well connected, with a large productive fabric and different proposals for free time, can become places of life and work in their own right. Among the easily accessible points of interest: Lake Maggiore and Lake Como, the border with Switzerland, the exhibition centers of Rho and Malpensa, the airport. But cultural life is not lacking either: one example is MAGA, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Gallarate.

Legnano it is considered by many to be a miniature Milan, more on a human scale. 42 minutes away from the centre, with a population of just under 60 thousand people, with 1,616 euros per square metre, Legnano has the advantage of 68% lower average prices compared to the metropolitan centre, without however making its inhabitants want for anything . Many services, nightlife, suitable for families, with Milan close at hand, Legnano is a pleasant and vital city, where there is no shortage of greenery and history – see the castle and the anniversary of the Palio. A curiosity: it is the only city other than Rome to be mentioned in the Hymn of Mameli.

Cernusco sul Naviglio: an expanding center east of Milan, just 34 minutes away and served by the green line of the underground, stands out for the elegance of the historic center – with the architectural heritage of its historic buildings – the abundance of greenery and the beauty of the Martesana landscapes. Cernusco sul Naviglio offers excellent livability, also due to the widespread presence of cycle paths and the wide range of leisure, sport and entertainment options. No wonder the population, now nearly 35,000, has soared in recent years. With average prices 45% lower than in the capital (2772 euros per square metre), it certainly represents one of the most interesting housing options in the hinterland.

East of Milan is the birthplace of a very famous dairy product: Gorgonzola – 20,949 inhabitants, 42 minutes and 18.5 km away from Milan – is in turn crossed by the Naviglio della Martesana and is served by the green line. Surrounded by the countryside, the small town offers a peaceful and pleasant environment, with green spaces and old buildings, where it is possible to buy your own home for 57% less than in Milan (at an average price of 2188.5 euros per square metre). . From here every year the Gommonata starts, now an institution, which inaugurates the beginning of summer with a journey in a rowboat that leads up to Cernusco on the water of the Naviglio. Gorgonzola was mentioned in I promessi sposi, in the poem Il giorno di Parini and also in a song by Rino Gaetano: “Agapito Malteni il ferroviere”.

Located along the Naviglio Grande, the municipality of Magenta it is located inside the Ticino Park and boasts a real forest heritage. With a lively cultural life, enlivened by orchestras and choirs, and with the recently restored Lyric Theater which hosts numerous events, Magenta presents itself as a pole of musical tourism and a cultural reference point for the Milanese area. In addition to the Lyric Theater, the city has several other points of architectural and artistic interest. Located near infrastructures such as Malpensa airport and the New Milan Exhibition Center, Magenta is 48 minutes from the center of Milan and has a population of just under 25,000. With a price of only 1525 euros per square metre, his properties are on sale with a discount of as much as 70%.

Gaggiano, a small town with a population of just 9,129 inhabitants, already listed among the happiest villages in the Belpaese, is located 41 minutes from the center of the Lombard capital and sees an average price per square meter of properties for sale of 1887.5 euros, for a 63% discount on Milan. Gaggiano is the ideal choice for nature lovers: in fact, it boasts 80% of non-urbanized territory and also includes an artificial lake, the Boscaccio. The village has appeared in various successful films, such as Ace, Poor rich, Special marks: beautiful, The monsters Today, The cosmos on the dresser, A summer in the Caribbean.

50 minutes by public transport from Milan – but only 11.2 km away – Borromean fishpond (23,760 inhabitants) is finally a residential center close to the heart of metropolitan life but characterized by tranquility and the presence of greenery, where it is possible to find larger houses – but at prices 53% lower than in Milan, with an average 2382 euros per square meter – and equipped with outdoor spaces, with the further advantage of proximity to Linate airport. We are talking about a town that can boast one of the first places in the ranking for the highest average income, with a thriving productive and industrial fabric made up of small and medium-sized enterprises.