HomePod and HomePod mini, new features: how to update

The 16.3 software allows the Apple smartspeaker to detect humidity and temperature in the home

Apple has updated HomePod and HomePod mini with the 16.3 software, which introduces significant innovations in the Apple smartspeaker, also in terms of functionality. Both the Mini version and the new one introduced last week will be able to measure the temperature inside the house and also the humidity level, thanks to the sensor that is unlocked by this update and allows you to consult the data directly from the Home app. Relaxing ambient sounds have been completely remastered and can now be included in scenes and automations. If friends and family share their location with you, you can now ask Siri right from HomePod where they are. Siri can now notify you when an accessory that isn’t visible in the room is turned on or off. Finally, the sound-to-room computational system has been improved for audio with speech such as podcasts. To update first and second generation HomePods and HomePod mini, simply open the home app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, and select the HomePod to start the update automatically.