Homes from Millionaires Los Angeles, season 13 is coming to Sky Uno

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After season 12 of Millionaire Houses: Los Angeles (“Million Dollar Listing”), thehe season 13 of Millionaire Houses LA, from Monday 30 January at 4pm. This season’s new entry is Fredrik Eklundthe new broker of “Millionaire Homes New York” who joins the team of real estate agents dealing with the sales and purchases of luxury apartments and villas in LA.

The estate agents, protagonists of the program, will be grappling with millionaire deals with the aim of satisfying buyers and sellers, while from home viewers can only imagine what it would be like to live in the most unbridled luxury. Also in Season 13, we will see the Los Angeles agents navigate a booming market where there is high demand from both sellers and buyers.

We will follow the lives of the youngest and most aggressive real estate moguls, about to make fortunes thanks to the mind-boggling multi-million dollar property sale. We’ll find out what Los Angeles homeowners are looking for after the pandemic period: space and privacy for example and how agents will try to satisfy their needs, always on top and in creative ways to fully exploit the market.