Homicides Rome, 3 crimes in one hour and the phone call: the reconstruction

The order against Giandavide De Pau

Three murders in Rome within 60 minutes. The two Chinese women Li Yan Rong, 55, Yang Yun Xia, 45 and Marta Castano Torres, 65, from Colombia, were all killed within an hour, stabbed to death in the Rome district of Prati last Thursday 17 November. The data emerges from the precautionary order signed by the investigating judge of Rome Mara Mattioli against Giandavide De Pau. “What has been represented up to now does not raise any doubts regarding the fact that the same subject filmed by the cameras of the Pim supermarket in via Riboty enters the building at number 28 at 10.01 and exits at 10.41 to leave on foot shortly after (at 11.21 ) went to via Durazzo aboard an aubergine-coloured Toyota IQ car and, after parking, entered via Durazzo (11.22) to then succeed and drive away after about 15 minutes (11.39) still aboard the ‘Toyota car”, writes the investigating judge.

“The results of the uninterrupted investigative activity carried out subsequently allow us to consider De Pau’s identification certain as the subject filmed by the cameras entering and leaving the places where the barbaric murders of the three women were perpetrated on November 17, 2022 at the times in which they were killed”, reads the ordinance.

Also in the records is a phone call to the carabinieri Francesca De Pau, Giandavide’s sister. “I’m Giandavide De Pau’s sister… then… I’ll explain… my brother has disappeared since yesterday, under the use of substances, completely out of his mind, a person who doesn’t feel well when he uses substances … I heard it last night and it spoke of women killed, of blood, of knives and various things”, the woman said.

“He told me there was blood, because she was in the bed, because then there were the secret services, because then he goes crazy when he uses substances – continued the woman as reported in the precautionary custody order signed by the investigating judge Mara Mattioli – She says there was blood, I don’t know if it was me… I don’t remember anything” the woman explained to the carabinieri.