Homicides Rome, De Pau recorded videos in via Riboty during the crimes

The order issued by the investigating judge: “Cell phone footage document gruesome details and incontrovertibly testify to man’s responsibility”

Jandavid De Pau filmed the murder of the two Chinese girls on his cell phone in the apartment in via Riboty in Rome. The detail emerges from the precautionary custody order signed by the investigating judge Mara Mattioli, who validated the detention of the 51-year-old as requested by the Capitoline prosecutor’s office. THE two videosone lasting 14 minutes and the other 42 minutes, were recorded last Thursday at 10.23 and 10.38 and “documents in an incontrovertible and gruesome way the murder of the two Chinese women committed by Giandavide De Pau after having consumed sexual relations with the same women and having demanded to remain alone with the two women, sending away other customers” reads the ordinance.

“After a few seconds De Pau moves the phone and the shoes he is wearing are framed, after which the phone is placed down, obscuring the camera but the audio continues to be recorded and the other Chinese woman is heard entering the room – At 1.09 minutes noises are heard and the woman screaming loudly, but the sound comes as if suffocated, the other woman enters and asks ‘what are you doing to her’ – writes the investigating judge – immediately afterwards the excruciating screams of the second woman who is attacked are also heard, then first you hear the sound of a slamming door and then the louder noise of another door, probably the entrance door being opened and from the 2.41 minute you hear the death rattle of Xiuli Guo found dying on the landing; after a few minutes you hear the voice of the goalkeeper and shortly after the rescuers”.

The dynamics of what happened inside the apartment in via Riboty – writes the investigating judge – is fully proven by the content of the videos found in the suspect’s cell phone and completely deny the version he provided about the presence of an alleged armed man who allegedly attacked the two women and threatened him with a gun. In fact, the videos not only document the aggression by the suspect himself but also the absence of any other person inside the apartmentas claimed by the same suspect who had had all the customers sent away to be left alone with the two women”.