HONOR Magic5 Pro, top camera and much more

Between parkour acrobats and breathtaking scenery we had the opportunity to thoroughly test the lens combination of the new HONOR Magic5 Pro. It is always difficult for a company to improve a smartphone, especially if the model it replaces is already a reference product. HONOR has succeeded with the new Magic5 Pro, a worthy successor to the 4, of which it has managed to improve even the photographic sector which was already at levels of excellence. It is neither small nor light, the Magic5 Pro is loved for its display, for the speed with which it responds to our commands, for the light and intuitive Magic UI, for its autonomy and for the photos it returns in any condition, even the more extreme ones, with a lot or a little light: the lever of the top of the range has a new leader in short. But let’s go in order.

The main features

The processor is a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, powerful and low on energy, and this was known, but here it has reached unthinkable levels so much so that autonomy becomes one of the strengths of Magic5 Pro. With the 5,100 mAh battery we have tinkered even for two days, difficult to find better also because with the 66W recharge it’s quick, but not very quick like some competitors with 100 and more power supplies, to calm the spirits. The display retains the curved edges, form factor now abandoned by many top of the range but we are talking about an LTPO with a 120 Hz refresh rate, 1,800 nits peak and a resolution of 1,312×2,848, excellent in all light conditions, even under direct sunlight. How much better can you ask for today. Compared to the Magic4, the sensitivity on the edges has further improved: now it is practically impossible to start commands involuntarily and the curvilinear trend increases the sensation of width and sharpness. Has a notch not very extensive and placed in an unusual position, all shifted to the right, which we have learned to appreciate above all on content such as films or sports because placed there the eye tends to make it disappear, getting used to it, in a short time. The memory sector is second to none: 12 GB of RAM, 512 of ROM protect you from lag and anxiety in confined spaces.

A top photographic sector

The photographic one is instead the flagship of the Magic5 Pro. More mature than the 4, here the artificial intelligence contributes only when expressly requested and it always does so with discretion, tact, almost at the tip of a chip, almost always greatly improving the our photos without overdoing it. Everything happens thanks to 3 50 mp cameras: the main one with an aperture of 1.6, the 122-degree wide angle and the telephoto lens that allows an optical zoom up to 3.5x and even 100x digitally. The photos we took with the help of the countless available modes have always turned out to be of great quality even if from time to time some Magic5 missed the focus, especially if taken in sport mode, therefore with large and fast movements. A venial sin that we can forgive without too many worries. The porthole in which the optics are inserted is well integrated into the B side of the smartphone, which is still slippery if used without a cover which is however supplied in the package.

The other features and the price

Excellent reception, above average and of great quality the audio in call and outgoing from the two speakers. There is no input for the 3.5 jack but now it is rare to find it. Complete the software equipment, the 3D recognition, infallible, lightning-fast the one through fingerprints, the sensor is positioned a little lower than usual but certainly not to annoy. In short, finding a real fault with this Honor magic 5 pro is not easy, perhaps the aesthetics which, at first glance, give the sensation of something already seen but many competitors have made it a strong point, or perhaps the too many options offered by the photographic sector, a true test bench for aspiring photographers, or the price. Without the offers of the launch days, the price list is clear: 1,199 euros.

Surely not a few but adequate for the technology it makes available.

Pros and cons


  • Photo section
  • Autonomy


  • Pro photo mode a bit complicated