Honor presents its first ESG Report

The document illustrates the results achieved by the company and future objectives, among which the achievement of carbon neutrality by 2045 stands out

Honor has presented its first, indeed very first, ESG Report (Environmental, Social, Governance). And to do so, she chose the World Earth Daywhich falls on April 22 of each year: a symbolic date to affirm the results achieved by the company and its commitment to an ambitious and precise program: achieve carbon neutrality by 2045.

In the Report, the Chinese brand, which markets smartphones, tablet computers, wearable devices and smart TVs, therefore starts from the fixed points already obtained and then projects itself into the future. I am seven fundamental pillars guiding this action, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Global Protection, Technology for Good (i.e. used to solve environmental and social problems), Youth Empowerment, Privacy and Security, Employee Growth, Supply Chain Management, Responsible corporate governance.

Not only that: in December 2021 Honor has become an official member of the United Nations Global Compact, demonstrating its commitment to achieving sustainability. It is in fact a global pact created to encourage companies to adopt fundamental principles on human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption in their actions, and to make the results of the measures undertaken public.

The company has also introduced the concept of into the development lifecycle of its devices circular economy, with the intention of working towards a low-carbon future through more sustainable products, internal operations, manufacturing and partners. In this way, to date Honor has reduced the use of hazardous substances and materials by 3,861 tons. and recycled more than 1,785 tons. of electronic waste. Furthermore, 98% of the materials used in Magic Vs packaging are no plastic. Honor has also implemented smart technology to automate 75% of the production line, further reducing the use of energy and resources.

As for the future, the Chinese company aims to achieve 100% use of renewable energy and hence the goal of becoming a ‘carbon neutral’ company by 2045. A goal, the latter, in line with that of China to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. For Honor, an intermediate stage: 36% reduction in carbon emissions by 2035.

Wan Biao, chairman of Honor, commented the report, developed in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) standards and the ISO 26000 framework for social responsibility, expressing satisfaction. The company, explains Wan Biao, wants to bring a positive impact to the world, through goal-oriented technologies that put the human being at the centreand through the creation of value and meaning for stakeholders.

Satisfaction was also expressed by Meng Liu, Head of China Office for the United Nations Global Compact, who highlighted Honor’s commitment to combating climate change and achieving carbon neutrality. Meng Lui also expressed his desire both to see the brand continue to push to develop greener products and to work together to promote a circular economy that combines development and sustainable consumption.