Horowitz: “Emilia’s lesson: more mutualism in the economy”

“Unions must be more involved in economic processes to fight inequalities”, said Sara Horowitz, founder of Mutualist Society on Sky TG24 Business. Watch the video

What is the “Gini coefficient”? It is an index used to measure inequality: it describes how income is distributed among the population of a country. Based on this index, the World Bank underlines how the situation has worsened, both in the United States and in Italy, in recent years. “This deterioration – he explains to Sky TG24 Business Sarah Horowitz, trade unionist and former member of the New York FED – should make us reflect on the concept of mutualism. Cooperatives, trade unions, various civil society organizations should be more included in economic processes”.

How are we in Italy? “In your country there are virtuous realities – Horowitz explains – such as Emilia Romagna, which has one of the most equitable income distributions in the world! This is possible thanks to the presence, in that area, of a mutual system that has favored the creation of supportive civic institutions”.

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