Hot and muggy, boiling Italy with Cerberus anticyclone: ​​weather forecast

A truce is expected in some areas in the middle of the week

Great heat and sultriness, the African anticyclone Cerberus sets Italy on fire, but be careful of what could happen in the middle of the week, say the experts of the site.

In the next few days, they explain, “we will reach the climax of the power of African high pressure, determined not only to maintain total atmospheric stability, but also to further increase the level of heat, from North to South. Complicated days therefore await us on the climatic front, with the heat that will gradually become more and more oppressive due to the phenomenon of sultriness due to the scarce exchange of air, especially in the lower layers and the consequent increase in the humidity rate”.

There will be “really anomalous values” in some areas of the country. An example among all “is that of Sardinia where the mercury columns will shoot up so high as to exceed the 40°C threshold by a few degrees. Another important issue is that of the diffusion of this heat wave: in fact we will have values ​​close to 40 °C also in Sicily and on average between 36/38°C in the rest of the country”.

But “the latest updates processed by the main computing centers nevertheless confirm a probable change in the weather, at least in part of the North. On Thursday 13 July, in fact, a partial yielding of Cerberus will lead to the development of menacing storm outbreaks destined to hit especially the Alpine and pre-Alpine areas, but be careful, also some stretches of the Po Valley”, explains

Precisely in these sectors, “a general easing of the heat is expected, even if it could be a temporary easing. The heat, in fact, seems to be able to intensify again close to next weekend”. In the Centre-South and on the two Major Islands, the situation is almost stable with good weather and great heat.