Hot, between scratchers and ‘lemoncocco’ in Rome the lines return to the kiosks

Tourists return to crowd the center of the capital and with these temperatures for the historic ‘grattacheccari’ of the Lungotevere, business returns almost to pre-pandemic levels. Many, foreigners and even Italians, stop in the ancient kiosks, which have become real ‘oases in the desert’ under the scorching sun of these days. “The tourists are back, there is no full house in the past years, as before Covid, but the season is going well” Alessandro Crescenzi, owner of the famous ‘Golden Fountain’, told Adnkronos.

“With us, the majority of customers are Italian because we are a ‘historic’ presence, our kiosk has been here for 109 years, my great-grandfather opened it” he explains. However, there are also many tourists who stop, hot and curious to try the grattachecca. “These exceptional temperatures actually help business a lot,” Crescenzi emphasizes. But what is the most popular specialty to fight the heat? “Well, the grattachecca goes a lot but among the drinks the one that goes the most is the ‘lemoncocco’, invented by my grandfather 60 years ago, Italians and foreigners love it”.

A little further on, at the height of the Tiber Island, the historic kiosk of ‘Sora Mirella’ is also attacked. “We have been here since 1915, the current owners are the sons of ‘Sora Mirella’” explains Flavio while serving slushes. “We work mainly with tourists – he explains – there are very few Romans, just those who pass here for work”. From the ‘Sora Mirella’ in addition to grattachecce and lemoncocco, the local specialty, Amalfi lemon and tamarind is in great demand. “We offer it both as a granita and as a drink – explains Flavio – It is a very ancient thing in reality, but now with this heat we are making it rediscover and it is by far the most thirst-quenching drink – he assures – this is because it has a very low sugar content and a high level of mineral salts “. Seeing is believing.