Hot, detected over 47 degrees on the ground in Sicily and Calabria

The temperatures of the earth’s surface exceeded 47 degrees recorded in Puglia and on the slopes of Etna in Sicily between 9 and 10 July. This is demonstrated by an animation of the Sentinel-3 mission of the Copernicus Earth observation satellite program, managed by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the EU Commission. The animation shows the land surface temperature in Italy between Sunday and Monday.

What is surface temperature

Soil surface temperature, Copernicus experts note in a statement, “is an important variable in our planet’s climate system. It describes processes such as the exchange of energy and water between the earth’s surface and the atmosphere, and influences the rate and timing of plant growth”. It is worth pointing out the difference between the air temperature and the temperature of the earth’s surface. The air temperature, shown in the daily weather forecast, is a measure of the air temperature above the ground. Surface temperature is a measure of how hot the actual surface is to the touch.