Hot ends, weather today: cyclone Poppea brings rain and hail

Drop in temperatures and bad weather especially in the North

The heat is starting to leave Italy today, Sunday 27 August marks the beginning of a new weather phase with a drop in temperatures and bad weather that leaves its mark with the cyclone Poppea, destined to make itself felt from the end of the weekend to the beginning of next week. Rain, thunderstorms, gusts of wind and above all hail, even with the risk of large grains.

After yesterday’s thunderstorms, today’s bad weather will progressively spread to the north and to part of the centre, with intense rainfall. The transition from the heat of cyclone Nero to the new conditions, with a sharp drop in temperatures, can produce events of particular relevance.

After the phenomena of a few weeks ago, our thoughts turn in particular to the hail which could hit in particular – as points out – on a series of regions: particular attention in Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia, Liguria, Tuscany and Trentino South Tyrol. The worsening weather conditions lead us to pay attention especially in today’s afternoon and evening. This is particularly true for Lombardy and Liguria, where the orange weather alert goes off.