Hot Italy, anticyclone to the rescue with peaks of 40°C: that’s when, weather forecast

The heat wave that started with Nero will become more intense by the weekend

The anticyclone does not seem to want to leave Italy easily. According to today’s weather forecast, it will strengthen further in the coming days by placing our country in an authentic African oven with heat peaks of up to 40 degrees.

Antonio Sanò, founder of the site, is more than sure that the heat wave that began with the Nerone anticyclone (the third of the summer) will become more intense by the weekend. Until Thursday 17 the weather will not undergo major changes; the sun will prevail over most of Italy and thunderstorms may develop only in the Alpine sectors and more occasionally in the Apennines, especially in Trentino Alto Adige and Cadore. The new turning point will take place from Friday 18. From this date the African anticyclone Nerone will pump further hot air from Africa, starting a respectable thermal escalation for the period in which it will take place.

The sun will prevail over all regions, the sky will be practically clear, thunderstorms in the Alps will almost disappear and temperatures, as mentioned, will suffer a sharp rise starting from the central regions. By the weekend the maximum values ​​in the Centre-North will reach peaks of 37-39°C as in Florence, Rome, Bologna, Prato, Terni, Pavia, Alessandria, Rovigo. Higher values ​​are instead expected in the inland areas of Sardinia.

But that’s not all, with the start of next week the mercury columns could increase even reaching 40°C in Tuscany and in the Po Valley. It will also be hot in the South, but a little less. Another important feature of this new heat wave will be the freezing point (below which there are always positive temperatures). Well, this will be just above 5000 meters!! Bluntly speaking, this means that all Alpine glaciers will melt.

But will this umpteenth fiery phase end sooner or later? The latest updates foresee the hypothesis of the arrival of an Atlantic perturbation full of violent storms and daughter of the cyclone Poppea (Nero’s wife), very active on the United Kingdom, around the 26-27 of the month. For now, however, it is only a hypothesis. Now it’s still the turn of the African heat!


Wednesday 16. In the north: thunderstorms in the Alps, sun and heat elsewhere. In the centre: some showers in the Frosinone area, sun and heat elsewhere. In the south: good weather and moderately warm climate.

Thursday 17. In the north: thunderstorms in the Alps and the Apennines, elsewhere sun and increasing heat. In the middle: always sunny and always warm. In the south: sunny and warm in the norm.

Friday 18. In the north: isolated thunderstorms between Cadore and Carnia, sun and heat elsewhere. Middle: sunny and getting warmer. Sultry climate. In the south: lots of sun and increasing heat.

Trend: heat intensifying starting from the weekend.