‘Hot’ May 1st between decree ready to be launched and trade unions in the streets

In Rome the traditional Concertone

Monday May 1st, 10 am: from Palazzo Chigi to the demonstrations in the square, the Workers’ Day agenda this year is all the more intense and, above all, promises a ‘hot’ day, in spite of the weather forecasts. An agenda centered on two concurrent ‘highlight’ appointments. The time x is precisely that of 10 when the will meet at Palazzo Chigi cabinet to approve the package of urgent measures for social inclusion and access to the world of work and in the field of health and when, again at the same time, the initiatives put in place by the trade unions will start.

The leaders of Cgil, Cisl and UilMaurizio Landini, Luigi Sbarra and PierPaolo Bombardieri will be at Power, the square chosen this year for the traditional celebration of May Day, but they won’t have to wait for the news arriving from Rome to learn about the contents of the Labor decree. The cards, in fact, were discovered in the meeting on Sunday 30 April at Palazzo Chigi from which the unions came out anything but satisfied.

Already on the convocation they posed problems of method as well as of merit. ”This is not the method acceptable to us because, in this way, it means not recognizing the unions that represent male and female workers the role they must and can play in this situation”, remarked Landini as he left the summit . “We are always ready for confrontation, it is Meloni who does not receive us, she did it in November and is only doing it now”, Bombardieri’s thrust.

On the merits of the provision, the evaluations are equally severe. The Uil leader speaks of “little things”, of “spot measures” in the face of a “serious situation with people who have lost purchasing power for a month”. An alarm that Landini also raises, given the “wages cut down by inflation”, while Sbarra calls for a new ‘Ciampi agreement’ against the inflationary spiral. Given the premises, therefore, a traditional May 1st is not expected and, moreover, the demonstration, which this year the unions wanted to dedicate to the Constitutional Charter on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of its entry into force, will be an opportunity to relaunch the mobilization will be articulated in the coming weeks. In fact, the CGIL, CISL and UIL have called three interregional demonstrations which will take place on 6 May in Bologna, 13 May in Milan and 20 May in Naples.

Another square of May Day celebrations is that of Naples. City chosen by the Ugl, which calls for “a new season of bargaining to safeguard the purchasing power of wages and encourage worker participation processes in company management”. Confsal also takes to the streets in Naples under the slogan ‘Work as a future’.

In the afternoon, Rome will host the classic Concertone in Piazza San Giovanni: nine hours of live music and about fifty artists. A thirty-year appointment greeted a day ago by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella: “I wish – he said – a peaceful and festive day to the young people at the Concertone in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome. The music also underlines the connection of hope between the words ‘work’ and ‘peace'”.