Hot, the Azores anticyclone is back: the weekend weather

Decisive improvement from North to South

A pleasantly warm weekend in Italy. “The Mistral sweeps away the clouds and gives Italians a weekend of good weather” explains the website “We will have a bit of rough sea around Sardinia, Puglia and the southern basins, but finally with the driest and coolest currents from the North-West we will find the Italian summer that we like best – experts say – Temperatures, in fact, they will collapse by 7/9 ° C in the South, returning to acceptable ‘human’ values, with maximums at more than 35 ° C in Sicily and 32/33 ° C in the rest of the south. Finally with the Mistral, associated with the shift towards the Balkans of the Cyclone that brought severe bad weather, in the Center-North we will find peace, stillness after the storm “.

Antonio Sanò, director and founder of the site, confirms a marked improvement from North to South: where it was hot the temperatures will drop, where it looked like autumn we will have a thermal increase of up to 8 ° C. In short, a nice weekend, the penultimate of a Summer 2022 defined crazy for the often African temperatures above 40 ° C and for the last extreme phenomena recorded in recent days.

On Saturday only isolated showers are expected on the southern hills, in a context of moderate instability, elsewhere the weather will be good except for thickening at times on the internal Triveneto. Sunday still good weather, however, characterized by a partial increase in fog: at times cirrus or cirrostratus will accompany the recovery of the high pressure, while the ‘Cyclone of Bad Weather’ will move towards the Balkans.

One last note: a block of high pressure present for days between the Black Sea and Ukraine with even high temperatures will stop the shift of the ‘Bad Weather Cyclone’ towards the East: this synoptic configuration could be a problem for the South. In fact, between Monday and Wednesday, sometimes intense thunderstorms in this sector are not excluded, particularly in the afternoon and close to the mountains but, given the energy at play on our very hot seas, we do not exclude some strong showers along the coasts, albeit shortly. duration. We will talk about it again because it is the trend for next week, explains Sanò.


Saturday 20. In the North: good weather except for local thickening in the North-East. In the Center: good weather. In the South: afternoon thunderstorms over Calabria and locally Sicily.

Sunday 21. In the North: good weather. In the Center: good weather except for high clouds in transit. In the South: afternoon thunderstorms over the southern Apennines.

Monday 22. In the North: good weather. In the Center: good weather. In the South: afternoon thunderstorms over Calabria and Sicily.

Trend. Anticyclone in the Center-North, frequent thunderstorms in the South.