Hot weekend with Anticiclone 4800, but the peak is yet to come: the forecasts

Temperatures expected to be around 35-36 degrees in inland areas, still rising from Tuesday 20 July

Weekend with highs of 36 degrees in anticipation of the great heat of next week. The anticyclone Apocalisse4800 will keep the zero temperature very high, around 4800 meters, hence the name, and the African temperatures will also affect the king of the European mountains: Mont Blanc at 4809 meters will see temperatures rise up to the expected peak on Wednesday 20 July. Mattia Gussoni, meteorologist of the site, confirms that, with the freezing point around 4800 meters, our glaciers will suffer even more: a climatic trend continues that could cause the disappearance of most of the Italian glaciers in this century .

Meanwhile, as mentioned, this weekend the temperatures are expected to be around 35-36 degrees in inland areas, but the greatest upheaval will arrive in Italy, however, the next week: we expect a super heat wave with peaks of 40/42 ° C in the Po Valley and locally also between Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. The Adriatic sector and the south will instead experience a warm but not exceptional phase.

Among the most affected cities, from Monday 18 July, many from Lombardy and Emilia: among these Reggio Emilia, Mantua, Lodi and Cremona, but around 40 ° C there will also be Verona, Turin and Milan.

Precisely in Milan the absolute record of heat that has resisted since 11 August 2003 with + 39.3 ° C, recorded by the Brera station in the historic institute that has been measuring data since 1763, is at risk; above 38.1 ° C on 7 July 1957 we would also break the record for the month of July. Numbers that outline an alarming situation.

If Italy will suffer next week, Portugal and Spain with 47 ° C recorded and Paris and London with 40 ° C forecast are certainly no better: in particular in England there is maximum alert, red color, for the African heat that will blanket the Big Well until Tuesday. The current London record is 37.8 ° C, written in July 2 years ago, but most of the houses still do not have air conditioning, as the climate has only changed in the last 15/20 years. It will therefore be a Scottish shower to suddenly find itself towards 40 ° C after having recorded a maximum 25/27 ° C in the last days.

We will follow the evolution of the worst European heat wave in recent years, Apocalypse4800 unfortunately will hit half the continent, from Portugal to Germany, from England to central Italy!


Saturday 16. In the North: sunny and very hot. In the Center: sunny and very hot. In the South: sunny and warm.

Sunday 17. In the North: sunny and very hot. In the Center: sunny and very hot. In the South: sunny and very hot.

Monday 18. In the North: sunny and extreme heat. In the center: sunny and very intense heat. In the South: sunny and very hot.

Trend. In the following days, further intensification of the North African anticyclone; constantly increasing temperatures, intense and persistent heat even over 40 ° C in the shade.