House of Gucci, Adam Driver talks about the sex scene with Lady Gaga

Adam Driver talked about the sex scene with Lady Gaga while filming House of Gucci.

In the new Ridley Scott film the actor plays Maurizio Gucci and his set partner is the pop star, in the role of Patrizia Reggiani, the ex-wife of the heir of the Italian Maison convicted of having been the instigator of the murder of the ex husband.

Driver in a recent interview with the US magazine EW he made some statements relating to the intimacy scene between the protagonists, revealing a good feeling between him and his colleague. Just in the days when Bradley Cooper breaks the silence about the mystery related to flirting with Lady Gaga, the one for which the convict would have been the film A star is Born! Since for the first time Cooper has expressed himself on the issue that has been racking fans for years, revealing that during the live duet of the famous song they were only acting, most likely from today fans will begin to leave Bradley alone, perhaps concentrating on a new alleged. flirtation, the one between Lady Germanotta and Adam Driver …

Yet the co-star of House of Gucci would seem to immediately dispel the doubts that the public could raise in front of the hot scene shot with the colleague: he admitted that it is acting, that is the their work of actors. But between the lines we read that between the two there is a lot of feeling, so we will see how many rumors will arise.

“We worked on it as we would for any fight or any scene, then we just performed it maybe once or twice, and that’s it! We felt it, so to speak! Everything I say sounds like a double entender, but we have it. I must also say that, at that point, we had been shooting for a month, so we felt very comfortable doing what we had to do, “Driver told EW.

The film also tells the couple’s love story

Although what House of Gucci tells are the events that led to the assassination of Maurizio Gucci, the film does not end in the narration of what then culminated in the crime: not only the dark side of the couple is plumbed but also the love story, also focusing on the beginning of the relationship between the two.

So the film actually also tells an intense love story, which required the protagonists to identify themselves deeply in the roles (him in an easier part than the one that instead went to Gaga).
The pop star herself recently talked about how difficult it was for her to immerse herself in such a controversial character, adding that she had to draw on very painful personal experiences (the violence suffered by a music producer when she was 19).

The film

There is no more anticipated title than House of Gucci for this winter.
Not only is the public expecting him in a spasmodic way, but also critics have already designated him as one of the titles that will compete for the Oscar for Best Film at the next Academy Awards.

In addition to Lady Gaga and Adam Driver, the cast is enriched by stars and sacred monsters of the seventh art such as Al Pacino, Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons and Salma Hayek.

House of Gucci is expected in Italian cinemas on December 16, 2021.