House of the Dragon, Matt Smith and Daemon Targaryen: 5 things to know

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House of the Dragon is the highly anticipated HBO series that will debut exclusively on Sky and streaming only on NOW il August 22 in all the territories where Sky is present, absolutely simultaneously with the airing of American cable TV. Based on the novel Fire and Blood by George RR Martin, the series is set 200 years earlier of the events mentioned in Game of Thrones – Game of Thrones and tells the story of Targaryen House. Among the protagonists is Matt Smith in the role of Daemon Targaryen. We know this character better.

Daemon Targaryen, the strongest warrior

Daemon Targaryen, according to George RR Martin’s novel, was the strongest warrior weather. Son of Baelon Targaryen, brother of King Viserys I Targaryen, he owns the Valyrian steel sword call Dark Sister. Daemon is also a skilled dragon rider: his name is Caraxes.

Daemon Targaryen, Matt Smith’s training

To play the strongest fighter in the history of House of the DragonMatt Smith is due train hard. The actor revealed that rehearsals lasted eight weeks, before filming began in April 2022. Smith mainly had to practice how to hold the sword.

Daemon Targaryen, a turbulent past

Daemon has always been very fluctuating, a little bit of a hero, a little bit bad, aggressive and unpredictable. A lover of combat and sex, he was unable to adapt to the jobs that his older brother entrusted to him, as a master of coins and a master of laws. He managed to find his size when he became Lord Commander of the City Guard, also starting the tradition of golden cloaks. Thanks to Daemon the crime decreased a lot, also because with him the thieves were severely punished. At the same time, he established contacts with the owners of brothels.

Daemon Targaryen, love stories

Beware of spoilers. Daemon married Lady Rhea Royce, a woman he doesn’t love. At the time of the Dance of the Dragons, the prince crowned his second wife, who was none other than his niece Rhaenyra. A incestuous relationship, which caused a lot of hype at the time. Together they had three children together: Aegon, Viserys Targaryen and Viserys I. It was Aegon the Younger who finally ascended the Iron Throne after the Dance of the Dragons.

Daemon Targaryen, the sex scenes

In House of the Dragon there will be sex scenesjust like in game of Thrones. Matt Smith, interpreter of Daemon, had declared that in his opinion there were too many. “Nobody really likes to shoot sex scenes – said Matt Smith in an interview – One always feels quite exposed, if you know what I mean. But luckily Sonoya (Mizuno), who plays Mysaria, was truly wonderful. And we had a coordinator for those scenes, who helped a lot from a technical and emotional point of view, “explained the actor.” Do I love that scene? I don’t know, ”Smith said.“ I have a question mark about it. But this is the world we represent. It’s the world that George wrote. It is the world of House of the Dragon. And we are trying to represent what in the books in the most authentic way possible. ”