Houthis, Tajani: “Italy did not participate in the attack”

“To participate in a war action you need the authorization of Parliament”

“We did not participate in the military attack against the Houthi rebels in Yemen because To participate in a war action you need the authorization of Parliament“. This was clarified by Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani speaking on Tg2Post. “A few days ago we joined a declaration of absolute condemnation of the attacks that the Houthis carry out on merchant ships crossing the Red Sea, we have always condemned the action of the Houthis, we participate with our navy in the operation in the Red Sea, which guarantees the safety of maritime transport.”

“However, Italy cannot participate in war missions if there is no approval from Parliament”, he reiterated. “We are now working so that there can be a new European mission, which has even broader tasks than those of the Atalanta mission, which is above all dedicated to the fight against piracy, therefore to guaranteeing the safety of transport against piracy. We would like a new European mission but still from a political point of view we stand with our allies: there are many countries that have signed the first political declaration of condemnation”.

“We work for détente, for deescalation, but we cannot accept that there is a limitation of maritime transport”, added the number 1 of the Farnesina.

“The transport of a container from the Mediterranean to China – he pointed out – costs four times more today than it did 15 days ago, insurance has increased by 3 percent and times are longer because if you don’t go through the Suez Canal we need to go around the whole of Africa. Therefore the Italian ports are the ones suffering damage, including that of Genoa, as well as Gioia Tauro, Taranto and Brindisi”.

“Until a few days ago – he continued – around 400 ships crossed the Suez Canal from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean every day. Today 250 pass through and this is due to attacks by the Houthi rebels against merchant ships. We must prevent this situation from continuing “