How are the most famous VIPs on TV and the web without lights and without make-up: all natural photos

How are the most famous VIPs on TV without lights and without make-up: all natural photos; here are some beloved characters in soap and water versions.

We are used to always seeing them with flawless make-up and lights that make every imperfection invisible. Not to mention Instagram filters: a real revolution in the virtual world. But it is precisely on Instagram that, more and more frequently, many characters decide to show themselves to natural, in soap and water version.

How are the most famous celebrities on TV without lights and without make-up: all natural photos (Source Instagram)

Later we show you some of the beloved characters of the moment, on social networks and on TV, away from lights and filters. Let’s take a look.

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Vip without makeup: here is the natural version of some of the most famous characters of the moment

Perfect make-up, flawless hairstyles and envious looks: the life of the stars is a real dream. But, thanks to social media, famous people are increasingly showing unusual sides of themselves. Even away from the spotlight, many celebrities choose to show themselves to their fans often without make-up, completely natural. The result? Is enchanting. And it shows that true beauty doesn’t need excessive make-up at all to be enhanced. there some characters in ‘soap and water’ version.

Let’s start with two great protagonists of GF Vip 6. Very different from each other, Soleil Sorge and Francesca Cipriani are among the most popular competitors of this edition. In particular, Francesca Cipriani loves to show off super marked make-up, but without make-up she is wonderful, just like her roommate:

Let’s move on to the queen of social media, the most famous Italian influencer in the world: Chiara Ferragni. Fedez’s wife shares most of her life with her followers and there are occasions when she shows herself naturally. Grade 10:

And vote 10 also a Belen Rodriguez, currently at the helm of Tu si que vales. The Argentine showgirl is also famous for her glamorous looks, but in the stories she often shows herself without makeup and filters, proving that she is beautiful even naturally:

Maybe not everyone knows, but Ilary Blasi is also a star on social media! Since she landed on Instagram, Lady Totti has loved sharing photos and videos with her fans, who support and follow her with affection. And they appreciate its beauty, even with very little makeup:

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In short, the proof that true beauty does not need any filter. And you, what are you waiting for to follow these characters on social media? You will not regret it!