How can men and women forget it! How is her life today after the farewell to Maria De Filippi’s program

Angela Di Iorio was one of the ladies of the parterre of Men and Women, how can we forget her! How is her life today after the farewell to Maria De Filippi’s program.

There are many ladies who have alternated in the parterre of men and women, but no one has ever been able to win the attention as Angela Di Iorio. It is really impossible to forget it in the program by Maria De Filippi, real?

Angela Men and women. Credits: Youtube

Joined the Maria De Filippi dating show in 2018, then in the same years as Barbara De Santi and Valentina Autiero, the very nice Neapolitan lady was able to win the attention of all the Canale 5 audience for her ruthless sympathy. Of course, even if she really wanted to find a man who could accompany her for the rest of the days, the beautiful Di Iorio was not very lucky from this point of view, but her path in the program has earned her a ruthless success. To date, in fact, there are really many people who are wondering about her and who are curious to know how her life has changed after farewell to the program of Maria De Filippi. Are you ready to find out too?

What Angela Di Iorio does today after the farewell to the program of Maria De Filippi

He did not hit his “goal”, yet with his participation in Men and Women, Angela Di Iorio has conquered everyone. Even today, although years have passed since his farewell to the parterre of Maria De Filippi’s program, there are so many people who wonder how his life has changed. Perhaps not everyone knows it, but despite the success it has been impressive, the ex-lady of Men and Women has not changed her lifestyle at all. We tracked her down on Instagram and found that she has always remained the same over all these years. Even today, in fact, Angela continues to be a genuine woman and a lover of simplicity.

Sifting through his Instagram channel, in fact, we found a series of shots. Some of her portray her in the company of her grandchildren. Others, however, show it to us in her everyday life, testifying to how much she is still a simple and genuine woman.

What he said about Maria De Filippi

During a very recent interview with Più Donna, the very nice Angela could not help but tell about her experience in the study of men and women. In addition, however, to express her thoughts on Gianni Sperti and Tina Cipollari, historians and beloved commentators of the program, the former dame indulged in an incredible revelation on Maria De Filippi, her landlady. “They offended me and she didn’t intervene either”, she explained, recalling the episode that prompted her to say goodbye to the program.

goodbye program de filippi
Angela today. Credits: Instagram

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