How do companies support the birth rate in Italy?

Italy offers numerous examples of companies that have managed to implement punctual initiatives to meet the new needs of their employees

According to the recent study conducted by Nomisma for the CIRFOOD DISTRICT Observatory, eight out of ten workers choose their job also on the basis of the company welfare services offered and as many as 9 out of 10 employees, among those who do not benefit from welfare plans in the company, would like to have this possibility.

Corporate welfare, today, is no longer just a complementary sector to public welfare; it is also a factor in the innovation of service models, thanks to the proximity of businesses to households and their ability to interpret their needs by offering concrete solutions.

Demographic change with a rapid demographic ageing highlighted new emerging needs such as the need for qualified services for the elderly, above all of the home type; the need to make it easier for families to look after their children and, more generally, to reconcile work and personal life commitments; the need to help families in the educational path of their children.

Italy offers numerous examples of companies that have managed to implement punctual initiatives to meet the new needs of their employees.

One of the employee support solutions put in place by Nestle it was the creation of a company nursery school in the Perugia office and an ad hoc agreement with a private facility in the Assago office. An example of a nursery school is instead that of ENIwhich inaugurated a dedicated structure in the San Donato Milanese headquarters in 2010 for the children of its employees from 0 to 6 years of age.

Concrete parenting support comes from Danone which supplements the period of optional maternity with a financial contribution, bringing the salary of the new mother from 30% to 60%; 20 days of paid paternity are also guaranteed for fathers. In addition, the company donates products for children from 6 months up to 3 years of life to the family.

Barillaon the other hand, has been making the Winparenting Program available since 2018 with the aim of supporting parents and their managers in the transition to parenthood, providing counseling meetings, support in finding babysitters, pink parking lots, nursery agreements, quiet rooms.

To promote the well-being of parents, Philip Morris introduced LIFEED (Life Feeds Education), i.e. a cycle of seminars dedicated to parenthood as a training and information tool aimed at all employees about to become parents.

The family is at the center of corporate welfare policies also in the FS group which provides each year specific support to support employees in the expenses for their children (e.g. contributions for attendance at summer camps, contributions for attendance at nursery schools, subsidy for employees with disabled children).

San Marco Group has instead bet on a real baby bonus for its employees: the company disburses 6,000 euros to new parents, of which 3,000 euros at the birth of the child, 2,000 euros at the end of the first year of life and 1,000 euros at the second.

Substantial support to its employees comes from Terna which recognizes free university orientation courses for employees’ children, a wedding bonus, paid leave for fathers up to 5 days paid by the company in addition to those provided for by social security (INPS) and flexibility on working hours for parents with minor children up to lower secondary school.

The benefits package provided by is very articulated Sanofi which has been ensuring stays abroad for employees’ children aged between 11 and 18 for over 22 years. The program has taken more than 2,500 young people to travel around the world, offering them the opportunity to gain experience abroad, as guests of a foreign colleague’s family. In addition, the Sanofi Campus has been active since 2013 for the children of employees of the Milan office aged 3 to 14: in the summer and winter periods, before returning to school, the children are involved in sports activities, thematic and creative workshops.