How does Carmen Di Pietro always be so fit? It is she who reveals it

Carmen Di Pietro is always in great shape, do you know what her secret is? It is she herself who reveals it to her followers.

Carmen Di Pietro has returned from Honduras after more than three months on the island. In the reality show she made us laugh and have fun showing a crackling and very exuberant personality. When she had something to say she said it outright and also for this reason she liked the audience and managed to get to the very final.

Carmen, great shape (credits: instagram)

Initially she had landed together with her son Alessandro, as a couple. When her dissolution took place, each of her continued on her path. We could not fail to notice the mother and child relationship. Carmen is very present but despite this constant presence of her, the young man has always tried to take the experience into his own hands. And Alessandro was also a candidate winner but one month before the final, given the extension of the reality show, he decided to leave the island to resume his studies left pending once he left. The showgirl has come one step away from the victory brought home by Nicolas Vaporidis. However, she triumphed because the public did not stop supporting her.

Today the number of followers on social networks has grown even more and it is on his instagram channel that he interacts with them, records many stories and publishes many shots. In some recent igs she has answered the questions of the users who follow her. Someone asked her how she always manages to be in shape: here but what is her secret? It was the showgirl who revealed it.

Carmen Di Pietro, how can she always be so fit: she is the one to reveal it

Beloved and super appreciated, at The Island of the Famous we got to know other aspects of Carmen Di Pietro. If before she was known only for her professional side in Honduras, her personal side could not fail to come out.

And the public also appreciated this aspect that often the characters of the entertainment world prefer to keep hidden by showing it only partially. The showgirl is loved by viewers who follow her on TV but also on social media, in fact her instagram channel has over 500,000 followers. Here she shares many shots alone or even with her children. She recently spent time with Guendalina Tavassi, with her on the island a beautiful friendship continued even outside her. In the last hours Carmen has answered through her stories to some questions of the users who follow her. Someone asked her about the ‘secret’ of her gorgeous physique and she revealed how she keeps fit.

Carmen di pietro in shape
Caarmen in shape (credits: instagram)

As he explains, he goes to the gym every morning after the radio. Carmen says it is not a sacrifice to go but it is not to go. Here, apparently the former castaway keeps fit by training a lot.