How has Cristina Chiabotto changed from Miss Italy? You will have a hard time believing it

Cristina Chiabotto won Miss Italy in 2004, but how has it changed since then? Here is a photo of the time: you will have a hard time believing it.

She is experiencing one of the most magical times a woman can ever experience in her life: the birth of her second child. A few months after the birth of her first daughter, Cristina Chiabotto announced that she had become a mother again.

Chiabotto Miss Italy. Credits: Instagram

To date, Cristina Chiabotto represents one of the purest faces of Italian television. Although beloved and successful woman, the former Miss Italy continues to maintain those traits that determined her victory in the famous beauty contest in 2004 and that, even now, make her unique and special. We are not just talking about her beauty, which is known and appreciated by everyone, but about her simplicity and genuineness. Gifts that, let’s face it, are very difficult to find nowadays. If, however, we asked you if you remember how she was in the days of Miss Italy, would you be able to give us an answer? Almost 20 years have passed, but how has it changed since then? You will really have a hard time believing it.

Cristina Chiabotto from Miss Italy to today: how has it changed?

2004, therefore, not only determined her victory at Miss Italy, but also the beginning of her success. Immediately after being crowned queen of Italy, Cristina Chiabotto rode the crest of the wave. And in addition to taking part in several commercials, she has also given birth to an incredible television career. Even today, despite her dedicating herself more to her life as a mother, she continues to be a beloved face of the Italian small screen. Are you curious, though, to know how it has changed over the years?

Before taking part in The Island of the Famous, we showed you some comparative images of Mercedesz Henger to show with your own eyes how the beauty of the young castaway of the adventure reality has remained unchanged. This time, however, we want to talk to you about the ex Miss Italy of 2004. How the splendid has changed since then Cristina Chiabotto? Take a look at the photo shown below:

cristina chiabotto miss italy
Miss Italy Cristina. Credits: Youtube

You will really have a hard time believing it, but that’s it: despite almost 20 years have passed since her victory at Miss Italy, Cristina Chiabotto hasn’t changed at all! Of course, in the Salsomaggiore competition she was just a little girl, but otherwise she is always identical.

It happened during pregnancy

She became a mother for the second time in a few weeks, but only now the beautiful Chiabotto has told what happened during her pregnancy. According to what we learn from her words on social media, it would seem that the former Miss Italy has experienced a not particularly easy moment. Fortunately, as had happened with her first child, everything went well and Chiabotto was able to breathe a sigh of relief.