How is Bruce Willis: the terrible announcement

What is Bruce Willis’ condition after being diagnosed with the disease reported by his family a year ago: the terrible announcement.

About a year ago the family of Bruce Willis made it known of his break from the acting world after years of work due to health problems. The announcement came suddenly through the social pages. With a post on Instagram they decided to inform the millions of followers and all those who have always followed him of what they learned: “Our beloved Bruce has had some health issues and was recently diagnosed with aphasia, which is affecting his cognitive abilities.”

What is the condition of Bruce Willis: The announcement of the family-Credits: Instagram

As reported, the actor had been diagnosed the aphasia. It is a language-related disorder that involves the progressive loss of the ability to communicate. This message reported the difficulty of accepting such a diagnosis but above all the pain for Bruce to move away from the career that he has built with sacrifice over the years.

In recent months there has often been talk of the actor. The rumors about a degeneration of the disease followed each other faster and faster. There have been rumors of an almost complete ‘fall’ in his abilities, until two days ago, when a new ‘communication’ arrived. This time too it was the family who reported his condition, with another social post, in which Willis is photographed while he is on the beach, by the sea, with a smile on his lips.

How is Bruce Willis one year after the announcement of the disease: the terrible announcement of the family

Bruce Willis after forming and expanding his long career over the years he was forced to stop. In March 2022, the family announced the disease he had been diagnosed with, the aphasia. With our hearts pounding and the hope of a slight improvement, we waited months for his social movement but above all for the arrival of positive news.

Unfortunately, in these hours, through a post his family members have updated the world of his current conditions. Conditions that are not improved. The message begins with a big thank you to all the people who have pledged to infuse love and support since last March’s announcement. Words that in the continuation, could not hide what is happening to the actor: “We wanted to bring you an update on our beloved husband, father and friend…”

Bruce Willis condition
How is Bruce Willis today: discovery of his disease-Credits: instagram (sologossip)

They write that since announcing the diagnosis Willis’ condition has progressed: “We now have a more specific diagnosis, frontotemporal dementia (known as FTD)”. The family says that although there are many challenges and difficulties to face, they have still found relief in finally having a clear analysis.