How is Deulofeu?

In the press conference, Sottil clarified the conditions of the Udinese forward

Andrea Sottil, coach of Udinese, spoke at the press conference in view of tomorrow’s match against Empoli.

Udinese resumes its progress in the championship with the unknown Deulofeu: the Juventus coach has not completely dissolved the reserves, rather concentrating on the reliability of the duo made up of Beto and Success, who, barring sensational developments, should be the one ready to go into field against the Tuscans.

These Sottil’s words on Deulofeu’s conditions: “Deulofeu is the only player still to be evaluated. The Beto-Success attacking pair compensates each other out beautifully, however, they enjoy the symbiosis well, as I have already said in the past. Isaac is more of an advanced playmaker, able to trigger the banks and provide incredible assists. Beto is the classic striker from the penalty area capable of attacking depth. I have seen their harmony grow so much in the last few friendlies. The other recovered players are doing well, it is clear that they will have to put in a few more minutes in their legs ”. for Adnkronos