How is Elisabetta Canalis natural: the photo without filters and without make-up

How is Elisabetta Canalis natural: the photo without filters and without make-up; here is the showgirl in soap and water version.

Elisabetta Canalis one of the most popular showgirls in our country. It was 1999 when she made her debut as a black tissue, on the counter of the most famous satirical news on our TV. And in Striscia the news remained until June 2002, paired with Maddalena Corvaglia. Today the gorgeous Sardinian doesn’t appear very much on the small screen, but fans can follow her ‘adventures’ of her through social networks.

Elisabetta Canalis without filters and without make-up: how she is completely natural (Instagram Credits)

On Instagram, where she uses the curious nickname “littlecrumb”, Canalis is followed by 3.3 million followers, with whom she shares photos and videos of her days. From work shots to moments of everyday life, and there is no shortage of images in which the showgirl shows herself completely natural. Elizabeth has no problem showing herselfi in soap and water version, away from filters, make-up and spotlight. Are you curious to see her?

Elisabetta Canalis without filters and without make-up: how it is completely natural

On the small screen or at events, we are used to seeing stars always flawless. Top make-up and wigs and lights that eliminate any imperfections. Thanks to social media, however, more and more famous people are showing up ‘without filters’, often launching messages of body positivity that can only do well, especially due to the large following they have. The one who has no problem looking natural is she, Elisabetta Canaliswho often shares snaps on her Instagram in which she is not wearing makeup or wearing casual clothes.

A few weeks ago, the former tissue girl let herself be immortalized in bed, recently woke up, wearing a nude colored body. Thanks to the collected hair, Elisabetta shows her face completely natural and enchants everyone with her simplicity. A soap and water look that won the fans: the post was literally invaded by likes and commentsall full of compliments for her.

elisabetta canalis
(Credits Mediaset Infinity)

What can I say, time really seems to have stopped for the wonderful Elisabetta Canalis. And you, what are you waiting for to follow her on Instagram?