How is the new house of Cecilia and Ignazio: bright and immense spaces, crazy!

Cecilia and Ignazio are ready to move into their new home: the predominant color chosen is the space that everyone would like.

They are ready for this new adventure, Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser. After meeting in the house of the GF Vip in 2018, the two lovebirds have started a splendid love story. And since then they have been inseparable.

How is the new house of Cecilia and Ignazio made? Photo Source: Instagram

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Immediately after completing their experience in the GF Vip house, Cecilia and Ignazio they went to live together, confirming how unsurpassed their love was. Today, years later, the couple is ready to take a big step: moving to a new home! Also located in Milan, the love nest is still under construction. Despite this, however, some of its ‘details’ are already visible. A few days ago, in fact, Cecilia shared a series of Instagram Stories that show us their whole home. Starting from the spaces up to the predominant color chosen, we assure you that it is crazy! But that’s not all. Going into her bedroom, Rodriguez showed a truly sensational ‘detail’! We are sure: all women would like it!

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Cecilia and Ignazio, what their new home is like: immense spaces

Still missing and, finally, Cecilia and Ignazio they will be able to go and live in their new one home. Speaking of which, have you seen how it is made? A few days ago, as previously mentioned, Argentina shared some details. She and she left the audience completely in love with her.

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Provided with immense and super bright spaces, Cecilia and Ignazio’s house is truly crazy! At the moment, there are still many things to be defined and completed, but very little is missing.

Cecilia Ignazio house
Photo Source: Instagram

For their love nest, Cecilia and Ignazio have chosen a predominant color. We are talking, in fact, of a decidedly very light shade, which would seem to go in beige. Only their bedroom, it seems, is slightly darker.

Cecilia Ignazio house
Photo Source: Instagram

Once in the living room, you can directly access this immense veranda. Completely closed, but surrounded by a delightful garden, this space is truly incredible.

What all women would like

It’s not over here at all. There is a space that, without a doubt, all women would like. We are talking about the walk-in closet. We assure you: it is immense! And Cecilia already imagines herself doing her first fashion shows.

Cecilia Ignazio house
Photo Source: Instagram

Waiting to see them happy and in love in their nest, we wish the couple a lot.