How is your home? This is where Alessandra Amoroso lives

Have you ever wondered where Alessandra Amoroso’s house is and how is it made? We tracked down some shots of her: here she is.

Not only the final of Amici and the victory of Luigi Strangis, but the last episode of the talent of Maria De Filippi gave a crazy performance by Alessandra Amoroso. With her “Camera 209”, the Salento singer’s latest single, the former Amici winner made everyone dance.

How is Alessandra Amoroso’s house made? Credits: Instagram

It is since she left the school of Maria De Filippi that Alessandra Amoroso is unstoppable. In fact, immediately after her victory at the talent show, the Salento singer rode the wave of success. And even today, despite the fact that years have passed since her victory, she is one of the most loved voices in Italian music. Many ask for some more information and many are curious to find out where she lives. Alessandra, in fact, was born in Puglia, but for some time it would seem that she lives in Rome. Speaking of which, you have seen what hers is like home? Sifting through his Instagram channel, we tracked down some of his details. Here they are.

How is Alessandra Amoroso’s house? Where the singer from Salento lives

If some time ago we showed you the mother of Alessandra Amoroso, now we can’t help but tell you what his house is like. Recently, we have described that of Iva Zanicchi, are you curious, however, to know something more about the home of the Salento singer? As we said earlier, the former Amici winner lives in Rome. And, apparently, she would live in a cottage surrounded by greenery. Ready to discover something more?

Let’s start with the stay at home right away! With a very light colored parquet, this part of the house has light and low furniture, photos and writings.

alessandra amoroso casa
Credits: instagram

What makes the living room super cozy and comfortable, however, is a crazy ‘detail’. Take a look here:

alessandra amoroso casa
Credits: Instagram

You have seen very well, yes! For her living room, Alessandra Amoroso chose a huge L-shaped sofa.

amorous kitchen
Credits: Instagram

Have you seen the kitchen too? Really crazy! Filled with furniture and pantries, this room has everything you need for the preparation of succulent dishes. The furniture, like the rest of the house, is strictly clear and the hob is made of steel.

What do you think? For us it is very delicious!