How many children does Pippo Baudo have? Who they are and what work they do

Although fame accompanied him from a young age, perhaps not everyone knows how many children Pippo Baudo has, who they are and what they do.

The artistic vein has always been the engine of his life and since he was a boy Pippo Baudo he set himself the clear goal of being able to be part of TV. Despite his degree in law, he always knew that his path was that of the show and since the 1960s he has shown the talent necessary to become a so-called ‘sacred monster’.

Not everyone knows how many children Pippo Baudo has: who they are and what work they do (Witty Tv)

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Given his incredible popularity, many anecdotes and details from his life are known to the public. Yet perhaps not everyone knows how many children does the beloved conductor have of many editions of the Sanremo Festival and an infinity of other programs.

Pippo has been married twice: the first with Angela Lippi and the second with Katia Ricciarelli, currently competitor of GF Vip 6. If she had no children with the soprano, her first marriage was born instead, in 1970, the daughter Tiziana.

But Baudo has discovered over the years that he also has another son, Alessandro, who grew up in Australia. So let’s see in detail everything there is to know about the descendants of the television presenter.

Tiziana and Alessandro are the children of Pippo Baudo: what they do in life

Very reserved, Tiziana has always tried to keep herself on the sidelines of her father’s fame and to build an independent career. The woman worked for a while as her father’s assistant, but has been for about 20 years event organizer for RTL 102.5. It also deals with the management of booking of guests of the various tv programs. Married since 2009 with the radio host Mirko Mengozzi, she is the mother of two children, Nicholas and Nicole. Here is Tiziana in an image from a few years ago:

how many children does Pippo Baudo have
Photo source: Instagram

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Alessandro Baudo, on the other hand, was legally recognized by his father only in 1996. Alex was born from Pippo’s clandestine relationship with Mirella Adinolfi. The latter, however, was already married and a mother and when she learned she was pregnant, she moved with her family to Australia, where Alessandro grew up.

Only when her son was over 30 did the woman confess to him the identity of her real father, whom she met in the 1990s. Guest at Domenica Live a few years ago, the man told his story to Barbara D’Urso’s microphones: “Knowing it was a bit of a shock, I’m a father too. I have no hard feelings at all. The shock remains, but after a while you come to mind and recover. Then we got to know each other better, he is a clean and honest person. We have been talking for years, I often come with my son who had a baby, Pippo Baudo is great-grandfather. Unfortunately I live in Australia, the distance is great ”.

how many children does Pippo Baudo have
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Even Alex has not given up on an artistic career: he devotes himself to music and is a singer famous in Australia.