How many couples broke out in 2022: incredible names are also on the list

The list of couples who broke up in 2022 is very long indeed. Many VIPs have decided to say goodbye and there are not only Ilary and Totti

2022 will be remembered as the year of the finished loves. Over the past year, in fact, many famous couples have decided to end their relationship. In some, there are those who swear that in the future there may be a backfire, in other cases there is very little to do, by now the love is over and the oxen are running away from the stable. This past year has been full of betrayals, unrequited love, and even a few twists and turns.

All loves finished in 2022 – (credits: web source) – Sologossip

The broken couples there are so many, perhaps it is difficult to remember them all. Today we will try to do it, going into detail for each couple. There are those who have discovered a betrayalwho has understood that he no longer loves the woman or man next to him and who has amazed everyone with a decision that no one would think of, not even your own partner.

The reactions were of all kinds: there are those who remained impassive and those who reacted badly. Some couples have preferred to hide the details of their separation, others have published every detail through social networks, probably to hurt the ex partner. I’m not alone Ilary And Tottithe couples that broke out during the past year are many, here are the hottest ones.

The couples that broke out in 2022, do you remember them all?

It is impossible not to start from Francesco Totti And Ilary Blasi. The former Roma captain and the showgirl had created an indissoluble couple, at least in appearance. Yet their love ended after almost twenty years. The gossip chronicles have described everything in detail, from the new companion of ‘pupone’ up to the story of the rolex. Let’s continue with Michelle Hunziker And Tomaso Trussardi, another couple who have decided to separate after more than ten years. Despite an attempt to reconcile the couple, nothing could be done.

Blasi Totti
Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

Also Valentina Ferragni she is single again. His long love affair with Luke Vezilwhich lasted nearly nine years ended last summer, just like the marriage between Claudius Amendola And Frances Neri. While not disclosing the details leading up to the split, the two actors ended their relationship after 25 years. As reported by Fanpages, Amendola will pay alimony to his wife and child Rocco.

Another couple that has caused much discussion is the one made up of Shakira And Gerard Pique. The Colombian singer discovered the betrayals of the Spanish footballer and immediately left him. Always in the world of sport, despite numerous pushes and pulls, it seems that even the marriage between Wanda Nara And Mauro Icardi has come to a definitive break. And then there is also the marriage between Alessia Marcuzzi And Paolo Calabresifinished after eight years while abroad Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson they decided to separate their ways after just nine months from the first meeting.