“How many emotions”, irrepressible joy for the actress: her third child was born

His beautiful family has expanded: a week ago his third child was born of the actress who only last night gave the news.

The sweet announcement of the famous actress, who yesterday evening finally revealed that she was became a mother for the third time. “With great joy we announce that Elia Maria Michelini was born on July 31st, at 11.00 pm!”, Reads the accompanying family photos published on Instagram.

Actress gave birth (Credits: Instagram)

In the shots, which were immediately flooded with thousands of likes, appear the newcomer, her husband and her two other children, Caterina Maria and Pietro Maria, born respectively on 11 February 2018 and 5 October 2019. The happy event dates back to so exactly a week ago, but until last night the couple tried to keep everything in absolute confidentiality.

To enlarge the interpreter’s family is a boy. As revealed by the actress herself, he too was given a double name, just like his little brothers did. The choice to add “Mary” to all their children is due to the great faith that mothers and fathers have in Our Lady. Guess who is the talented face of cinema who is experiencing this immense joy! We give you a clue: she is also an ex Miss Italy!

He is a mother for the third time: the son of the beloved actress was born!

Was Giusy Buscemi to give the wonderful news: she has given birth to her baby and now she is preparing to face the tiring but also wonderful and exciting journey of all mothers between bottles, diapers, crying in the middle of the night and teeth that come out.

Born in Mazara del Vallo on April 13, 1993, she made her debut in the cinema and today boasts the participation in films and TV series, many known as The doctors, Unique brothers, The Veiled Lady, One step from heaven And Doc – In your hands, where she plays the role of psychologist Lucia Ferrari. Among other things, did you know that the beautiful Sicilian also took part in some performances set in past eras of Alberto Angela’s documentaries?

The former Miss Italy 2012 is happily married since 2017 with Jan Michelini. The two met on the set of Don Matteo because her husband, who despite the name is very Italian, works just like movie director. Graduated in Mass Communication Sciences and Cinema, he worked on some advertising and then came to collaborate with famous registers such as Mel Gibson. The wedding came to crown a love that had already lasted for two years.

actress born son
Actress mother birth (Credits; Instagram)

“Life is an immense gift!” Buscemi writes and the image of her splendid family fully represents this statement, do you agree?