How much and how big is Ibrahimovic’s new yacht: crazy

Have you ever wondered how much Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s yacht costs and how big is it? It’s really crazy: you will hardly believe it.

He is among the strongest players ever, but also off the pitch Zlatan Ibrahimovic has absolutely no equal. A real star of the web, the AC Milan striker never misses an opportunity to interact with his audience. And so, among the various shots traced and the various sponsorships made, we had the opportunity to admire the latest purchase from Ibrahimovic ‘up close’. Let’s talk about his yacht.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Credits: Instagram

If his house in Milan is worth four million euros and makes you shiver just to see it, we can’t say the opposite about your new one. yacht. According to what is learned, it would seem that the good Ibrahimovic has chosen to give himself a ‘small’ gift on the occasion of the AC Milan championship. And that, for the duration of the holidays, the striker has spent most of his time on his new boat. Have you seen it too?

According to what has been learned, it would seem that Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s new yacht is a real gem divided into five levels. It goes without saying that inside there is a garage for water bikes and a swimming pool. In short, something spectacular! How much does it cost, though? And most importantly, how big is it? You will never guess!

How much does Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s yacht cost?

He is so happy with his new purchase that Zlatan Ibrahimovic he couldn’t help but show it to his audience. The yacht, bought from a famous luxury house, has conquered everyone! If Belen and Stefano, in fact, have chosen to spend their holidays mostly on the mainland in a dream villa, the Milan forward wanted to spend his holidays offshore. Have you also seen his new boat? In one of her latest videos, you can clearly see some details of her. Beyond the sheer size of the yacht, her admirers couldn’t help but notice the luxurious interiors flaunted, the swimming pool, a sunbathing area and, finally, an immense salon.

In short, it would seem that for his relaxation Zlatan Ibrahimovic has spared no expense at all. By the way, do you know how much the new sample yacht costs? It is an Oasis 34 boat by Benetti, a famous and esteemed luxury shipyard, worth around 20 million euros. Sensational, don’t you think? Think, on Fanpage, we read that in reality the boat would cost around 15 million euros, but given the different customizations and comforts chosen by the sample, the price has increased.

Last curiosity: how big is it?

Having established that the price of the boat is estimated at around 20 thousand euros, we just have to find out how big it is. Fasten your seat belts, we are talking about more than 34 meters in length. In short, something impressive!

ibrahimovic yacht coast
Zlatan. Credits: Instagram

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