How much does Ilary Blasi’s t-shirt cost: it sports a simple and sporty style

Ilary Blasi returns to Rome showing off a t-shirt that does not go unnoticed: but do you know what the price is?

Ilary Blasi after the announcement of the separation from Francesco Totti flew to Tanzania to spend a few days away from gossip. The news literally displaced everyone, no one expected that one of the most beautiful couples in the show could come to an end but it happened.

Ilary Blasi, t-shirt (credits: instagram)

Back from Africa, the presenter moved for a few days to Sabaudia and then spent a few days in Cortina, on the majestic and beautiful mountains. She has spent time in the company of her friends but in the meantime the news about the separation has become more and more insistent. Totti has a new woman in her life, Noemi Bocchi, who would have met her during a padel match last year, according to the weekly magazine Chi.

Ilary would have discovered everything only in these months, after her leaf Isabel returned home would have told her mother that she had met new friends, actually Noemi’s children. After the former Roma captain would have taken away the management of social networks from the host’s sister and after the first initial doubts, he would have hired a private investigator. The presenter has been away from home for a few weeks but now she is returning. For his return he wore a very special t-shirt.

Ilary Blasi showed it off on her way home: how much that t-shirt costs

She spent a few days in Tanzania showing a different look than usual, then returned to spend time in Sabaudia and finally chose the mountain for the last few days. Ilary after announcing her separation from Francesco Totti, she preferred to pull the plug a little and move away.

Despite the distance, the news and details on the possible reasons for the end of the marriage came stronger and stronger, day after day. Totti’s new flame would be Noemi Bocchi, a woman with whom he was paparazzed by the weekly Chi, near his home. At a later time, rumors circulated about a possible pregnancy of Noemi, a bomb that was still denied by Chi. There would be talk of a return on TV of the presenter to talk about the matter, it is said that she could go to Verissimo from her friend Silvia Toffanin to reveal what happened but obviously it is only rumors and indiscretions. While the news of her about her private life is always on, Ilary is now back in Rome. She makes it known with a social story and it is precisely in this ig which is shown with a very particular t-shirt: do you know what the price is?

ilary blasi t-shirt
Ilary Blasi, photo (credits: instagram)

The presenter of The Island of the Famous wore a short shirt with an uncovered belly. The model belongs to the adidas x Gucci collection. The predominant color is white with the logo in blue and the trimmings in red. But how much is it? Ilary’s t-shirt costs around 480 euros. You like?