How much money should I earn to be happy, according to Harvard?

The The search for happiness is a personal and subjective path, without a fixed model that guarantees happiness. However, there are some guidelines to promote emotional and physical well-being. Harvard University, after 85 years of study in the “Adult Development Study” revealed that money could be an important factor in achieving happiness.

Happiness and money. Source: Pexels.

He “Study on Adult Development” began in 1938 and has followed the same 700 people and their families, including Harvard students and a group from a lower-income Boston suburb. The research was led by the University’s long-serving professors.

This study was based on the cost of living in the United States, where most must spend a considerable portion of their income on private health insurance. In societies with public health systems, like many European ones, income thresholds may be lower. In this context, the researchers estimated that, for an American, the figure would be $72,000 a year. It is important to note that this amount does not guarantee happiness, but rather prevents unhappiness derived from lack of resources.

Happiness and money. Source: Canva.

Research suggests that Money can bring happiness when used to cover basic needs and allow a dignified life. This means that people born into poverty or who belong to disadvantaged minorities face greater challenges in achieving happiness.

The conclusion of the present study is that the key to happiness does not lie in wealth or famebut in human relationships, meaningful and healthy connections with others are what truly contribute to happiness and well-being, protecting both body and mind.