How often do men think about the Roman Empire? An investigation reveals this

The Roman Empire never seems to stop being in men’s thoughts. Saskia Cort, a Swedish influencer, instructed her Instagram followers to ask their male partners and friends how often they thought about the Roman Empire, and the answers were surprising. The Guardian reported the news.

How much men think about the Roman Empire

According to what the British newspaper reports, the survey launched by Cort revealed how men think about the Roman Empire several times a week. When Cort’s idea was later translated into English, the topic went viral on social media and women around the world began asking men how often they thought about it and posting their answers on TikTok.
It’s difficult to establish a precise average, but “three or four times a month”, “every two days” and “at least once a day” are among the most common answers given by men around the world. This frequency, perhaps unexpected, left many of the women who posted the videos on social media surprised and perplexed. However, it is difficult to say why the Roman Empire occupies this space in men’s minds today.