How to choose the robot vacuum cleaner: advice, suggestions and curiosities

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Choosing among the many that the market offers a robot vacuum cleaner that satisfies all our possible needs is not easy: that’s why today we talk about it with Valentina Idonethe home appliance expert on the site price and review. it It will be her, within a few lines, however, to explain to us how to identify our future robot.

The robot vacuum cleaner: a revolutionary appliance

Before identifying the selective criteria useful for choosing the perfect robot vacuum cleaner, I would like to quickly emphasize the innovative nature of this type of household appliance. In short: if a few years ago I had been told that I could have polished all the floors of the house while remaining on my lap on the sofa, at least I would have laughed heartily for a good half hour.

Instead today all this is not only possible but this little luxury doesn’t even cost that much. And if initially the market was practically colonized by Roomba, nowadays there are many possible alternatives. Hence the difficulty of the average user who, among multiple proposals, must identify the most suitable one for him. So here are my tips for an ad hoc choice.

1) Evaluate the type and size of the surfaces to be cleaned

A useful criterion for carrying out an initial sorting, and obviously for better satisfying your needs, is the evaluation of the type and size of the surfaces to be cleaned. In fact, as you well know, working on hard and resistant floors, perhaps free of irregularities and unevenness, is one thing, but cleaning a very precious parquet is quite another matter.

Now: in the first case you could opt for a basic or, at most, medium-level robot. Otherwise, in the presence of delicate and/or valuable surfaces, I would suggest you use a specific robot vacuum cleaner, i.e. equipped with soft, low-impact bristles, characterized by a light and gentle touch.

In relation to the square footage of your apartment, then consider that the cleaning autonomy of the appliances is dictated by the power of the batteries. The more the latter will be able to guarantee prolonged operation of the device, the less you will be called upon to suspend cleaning while waiting for the device to return to the charging base, “refresh” itself and then resume work from where it left off.

2) The tank and its capacity

A similar argument applies to the tank of the appliance: the greater the extension of the surface to be cleaned, the greater the capacity of the tank should be. This trick will avoid you running into an unspecified number of stops and will therefore considerably speed up the cleaning operations of your apartment. Also keep in mind that, regardless of the size of your home, the tank of the floor cleaning robot will have to be very large even if you share your spaces with 4-legged friends who sow hair practically everywhere.

3) The robot vacuum cleaner must be silent

A very important selection criterion, which many tend to underestimate, is the noise level of their future appliance. A particularly high decibel number can annoy the neighborhood, your pets, your roommates and yourself by preventing you from cleaning the house at inconvenient times. Therefore, remember that many robots are silent in themselves, while others provide for the possibility of selecting a “soft” mode which, let’s be clear, will in fact be less noisy than the standard, but not exactly silent.

4) Smart robot vacuum cleaners

Another discriminant that you should take into account is remote manageability. Thanks to this option you will be able to interact with your appliance even when you are not at home; just use a dedicated and freely downloadable app on your smartphone and/or tablet. Alternatively, you could opt for a cheaper and less technological solution: the timer.

This trick will allow you to program the activity of the device so that it activates or deactivates at specific times and regardless of your presence at home. The first option however will allow you to have more control over the robot and therefore remains my absolute favorite.

5) The ability to automatically return to the charging station

I also advise you to opt for a device that is capable of returning to the charging base on its own. The so-called auto-docking function will further free you from managing the device which will always be able to evaluate its charge status and resume work exactly where it left off.

6) Watch out for filters

Also take into consideration the quality of the filters used by your future robot vacuum cleaner: the best are those designed to trap allergens and animal hair and generally belong to the large HEPA family. Never underestimate this selective criterion, especially if fragile subjects, children and the elderly live in the house with you.

7) The cameras

The last element that I advise you to evaluate is the presence of any cameras. Clearly the fact that the device is equipped with a lens is a good thing since it will thus be able to map your environments with a certain precision and therefore to avoid obstacles, not to impact violently on furniture or even not to fall down the stairs.