How to find the “perfect match” between job supply and demand. The Humangest strategy

The world of work changes and evolves very quickly, requiring both companies and talents to keep pace and constantly update themselves. From the search and selection of personnel to the development of its skills, Humangest is the Employment Agency of the SGB Group that cultivates an approach capable of respecting both the needs of those offering job opportunities and those of those looking for it

Finding a meeting point between their respective needs and adapting quickly to ever new situations: this is the main challenge for companies looking for personnel and talent on the market in the contemporary era. Arriving at the “perfect match” between job demand and supply and identifying the right candidate for the right job means, in fact, being able to understand both the company’s needs and those of the workers. The most useful approach to do this is the ‘tailor-made’ one, therefore based on listening to the specific requests of each customer. This is how Humangest moves: the Employment Agency of the SGB Group – founded in 2005 and accredited by the Ministry of Labor – which operates with a network of over 90 branches in Italy and in Europe, of which 25 in the Balkan area and 5 in Romania. Its services cover all stages of the job placement process: search and selection, management of temporary staff, training and professional outplacement, recruitment and international mobility. The profiles available in the Agency’s internal database have reached 2 million and there are now more than 2,000 partner companies; moreover, every month around 10,000 people are hired – with fixed-term and permanent contracts.

Selection, administration and active labor policies

The search and selection of qualified personnel to be included directly in the workforce is the first step: Humangest offers companies both consultancy activities and a flexible service in the management of temporary workers. With the aim of finding “the right person for the right role”, the Agency analyzes talents through the phases of assessment, screening, evaluation, testing and selection of candidates. There are various formulas provided for the services provided: the search and selection paths in administration envisage both dedicated personnel – physically present in the company – and activities carried out at the Humangest branch closest to the company; the same occurs for the permanent search and selection paths, focused on more specialized professional figures. An HR consultant – reserved for each company – is made available to follow the entire selection process with tailor-made search methods. Always considering the valorisation of the person in the first place, Humangest also contributes to the implementation of measures of active labor policies, through a training offer that aims to integrate candidates, update their skills and professionalize their profiles.

The development of talents even after joining the company

Each company has specific needs that must be understood and supported: Humangest’s HR services are therefore modeled on the basis of the needs of different sectors and sizes. After the first phase of research and placement of candidates in the workforce, the Agency remains alongside companies to prepare growth and career plans for talent, starting with the identification of strengths – both of individuals and of the organization – as well as areas of expertise where there is room for improvement. To accompany customers on this journey, Humangest participates directly in the design and development of training plans, in order to enhance the hard&soft skills of the resources involved, improve the workplace climate and make team collaboration effective.

Innovative technology and services

Humangest’s intent is also to optimize selection processes, making them faster and more efficient. To do this, the company has developed HR services that take advantage of cutting-edge methodologies and tools: digital recruiting software, remote skills assessment tests, assessment processes modeled on the basis of each company context and able to examine the drivers motivations of each candidate.

The campaign “The difference is in the talent”

“The difference is in the talent” is the slogan of the new marketing campaign launched by Humangest in April 2023, with Victoria Cabello as the protagonist and broadcast on the main social, television, radio and digital channels. “Nice Job”, in particular, is the irreverent talk on the world of work which – with an innovative format – aims to address current issues thanks to the comparison with some well-known personalities who have a successful career behind them, simulating the compilation of their current resume. Between exchanges of jokes and conversations with an ironic tone, many questions that candidates ask themselves in everyday life thus find an answer. “Involving, intriguing and retaining – both people and companies – is essential for forging new relationships and strengthening existing ones; we therefore decided to do it with the most effective channels and tools, as well as with great professionals from the entertainment world”. This is how Gianluca Zelli – managing director of SGB Humangest Holding – wanted to summarize the meaning of this media operation, with the prospect of further and constant growth of Humangest, alongside its customers and partners: working with passion, generating trust.