How to get back in shape after the summer: Paola Di Benedetto reveals her ‘secret’

Have you ever wondered what is the secret of Paola Di Benedetto’s physical form? It is she herself who reveals everything: you would never have said it.

Beautiful, indeed beautiful: that’s exactly how we could describe it Paola Di Benedetto! Of course, in addition to irresistible charm, there are values ​​that not all girls of her age have. At first ‘glance’, however, one cannot help but notice how much her beauty reaches reckless levels! How does it do it? She herself unveils it on her Instagram channel.

Secret beauty Paola. Credits: Instagram

Debuted on the small screen at a very young age, Paola Di Benedetto began to ride the wave of success when she appeared on TV in the role of Mother Nature. From that experience in Ciao Darwin’s television studios alongside Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti, the young model has made everyone agree. At first with her participation in The Island of the Famous and with her in the GF Vip, culminating in her victory in 2020, Di Benedetto has become a beloved face of Italian television. Today she is a successful radio host, but even her social hype cannot be ignored.

It is on her Instagram channel, where by the way she is very active, that Paola Di Benedetto loves to communicate with his audience. Just a few hours ago, for example, she couldn’t help but reveal to everyone the ‘secret’ of hers form physics.

Paola Di Benedetto reveals her ‘secret’ to get back in shape after the summer

Although there are those who still have to enjoy their well-deserved holidays, there are those who have already had the opportunity to spend a few days on vacation and are ready to return to the usual routine. Among these, there is her: Paola Di Benedetto! A few days after his return to the radio, the former Mother Nature of Ciao Darwin has resumed his ‘old’ habits, not losing the opportunity to show them to his audience. It is precisely for this reason that a few hours ago, through a series of IG Stories, she showed her ‘secret’ of her to return in shape after summer.

Summer is beautiful for this very reason: you don’t think about problems at all and try to be as carefree as possible! That’s what Paola Di Benedetto did too or, at least, that’s what transpires from the shared shots of her holidays. The radio host spent a summer full of fun, discovering new places and, why not, let’s imagine some little gluttony too. On the other hand, however, what does it matter: it is beautiful! Are you curious, however, to know what her secret is to get back in shape? Let’s take a look:

of blessed form
Instagram abs. Credits: Instagram
of blessed form
Paola training. Credits: Instagram

As well as that of Chiara Nasti, Paola Di Benedetto’s training on her return from holidays is also total body. Armed with a mat, weights of 2 kg each, anklets and a rubber band, the host trained every single muscle of her body for a screaming result.