How was Antonella Clerici at the beginning: do you recognize her in this image?

How was the famous Antonella Clerici at the beginning: do you recognize her in this image? His change is truly amazing!

We all know the journalist and presenter Antonella Clerici, also known as the midday lady. But do you remember how he was at the beginning of his career?

Do you remember how Antonella Clerici was at the beginning? (Source Instagram)

Antonella Clerici he experienced success on the small screen with the famous culinary program on Rai 1, The cook’s test, and from there his career never stopped. He has achieved important milestones such as running the Sanremo Festival in 2005 together with Paolo Bonolis and in 2010 as the main presenter, thus becoming one of the few women to have conquered this role. After these successes, Clerici has also participated in other successful programs such as The gold sequin, Portobello and the current The Voice Senior. Before success though, Antonella Clerici she was a reporter for some sports programs like Dribbling And Today sport. She was very young at the time, do you remember her at the beginning?

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How was Antonella Clerici at the beginning?

Before becoming the culinary presenter par excellence, having done many programs related to the world of food and wine, Clerici made her debut in the world of sport. In 1985 she was chosen to be the television announcer of Teleporter and subsequently leads Dribbling next to Gianfranco De Laurentiis. At the time it was really different, even for a young age. Her hair followed the typical fashion of the 80s, a cascade of voluminous curls and a super bright blonde.

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Antonella Clerici at the beginning
Source Instagram

Clerici also appears with much fuller facial features. In recent years there had been rumors about some of his alleged cosmetic surgery regarding the lips and cheekbones. The same Antonella Clerici she later denied these rumors by stating that she was a girl at the time, and she was much thinner than today. For this reason, her face is more filled, like a plumping effect. The presenter also had a daughter who is named Maelle, so her body also underwent the changes of pregnancy. Many years have passed, but Antonella always remains a beautiful woman, above all thanks to her contagious smile and her great professionalism.

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We love Antonella Clerici, and you remembered her at her first beginnings in the world of television?