How was Enrico Nigiotti a few years ago: have you noticed the change in the singer?

What was Enrico Nigiotti like a few years ago? After Amici he participated in X-Factor: here is the change of the singer.

Enrico Nigiotti’s career is quite well known, notoriety came after participating in Amici di Maria De Filippi. About 13 years have passed, and viewers will still remember what happened then to this day.

Enrico Nigiotti, before (credits: instagram) sologossip

The singer arrived at the evening stage of the talent but decided to abandon the program in favor of his then girlfriend Elena D’Amario, now a professional dancer and choreographer in the school. At the end of the experience it wasn’t so easy for him, but today he enjoys great success. His songs are very listened to and it is difficult to think otherwise.

In recent years we have seen him on the small screen also in a different role, in fact he performed the task of Tutor in The Band program, a new format hosted by Carlo Conti. It was the group he led, Isoladellerose, that triumphed in the first edition. We got to know Enrico and his voice at Amici in the ninth edition but many will know that this is not the only talent show that saw him present. In fact, a few years later he took part in X-Factor, where he finished third. Here, but do you remember how it was when we saw it on the program broadcast on Sky Uno?

Enrico Nigiotti after Amici participated in X-Factor: do you remember how it was in the talent? Change

Amici certainly gave him a big boost and the right popularity but after Enrico Nigiotti left the school he has made great strides on his own, managing to carve out his own space in music. Today he is certainly one of the most loved and listened to artists, and it is difficult to think otherwise.

His songs are wonderful, just think of the song ‘Kiss me now’, sung on the stage of the Sanremo Festival during his participation in 2020; or again we can mention ‘Grandpa Hollywood’ with whom she had participated in the event the year before. In recent weeks he has been the center of attention for his private life: he has revealed that he will become dad for the first time of twins! Returning to his professional career, we had the opportunity to discover Nigiotti at Amici but a few years later he also took part in another talent show, i.e. X-Factor. He entered the 11th edition in 2017 in the over 25 category led by Mara Maionchi: but what was it like then?

Enrico Nigiotti first
Enrico at X-Factor (credits: youtube) sologossip

This is a shot taken from an episode of the program. Enrico always had long hair, as we have been used to seeing him for years, even if not of the same length. Now they are much more so, otherwise we do not notice any particular changes. In the talent show he managed to reach the final and finished third. The winner was then Lorenzo Licitra, a competitor in the same category as Nigiotti captained by Maionchi. Did you follow the path of Amici’s former pupil when he was at X-Factor?