Huawei, it’s time for a rematch: “Let’s go back and deny those who said we couldn’t make it”

Pier Giorgio Furcas, deputy general manager of Hcbg Italia, presents the new smartphone Nova 9 with which the group aims to relaunch the market more than two years after the first US ban: “We will demonstrate that what we have done in the past we can do again. that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger “.

“We said it: we have absolutely not abandoned smartphones. We go back to show that what we have done in the past we can do it again, despite all the vicissitudes that have accompanied us in these two and a half years “. And with the new ‘Nova 9’ telephone” it will be an “important restart, a confirmation, but above all a denial to those who said that we would not make it“He doesn’t mince words Pier Giorgio Furcas, deputy general manager of Huawei Consumer Business Group Italia, which at Adnkronos tells the path that the company has followed since the day of the first US ban on the company, on May 20, 2019, which led to the interruption of the collaboration between Google and other US companies and the Chinese brand.

“At first, more than angry we were thrilled by the restrictions. It was such an absurd situation that it didn’t feel like reality, but it was. But I didn’t sleep only that night, because from that moment – remembers Furcas – the message I received from my Chinese colleagues was not to worry, to continue doing my job because they would take care of it “. , he continues, “it’s true, it’s been two and a half years of frustration, we’ve suffered a lot. But this restart is important, and they are not just smartphones: there is a whole huge ecosystem“.

To get an idea of ​​the numbers, continues Furcas, at the launch in April 2020 of the P40 Lite, the group’s first smartphone without Google services “the Appgallery was fairly empty. In 18 months we have an active customer base, which uses our Huawei mobile services , equal to one million devices. This means that it works. After all – he continues – at the beginning the complaints were 70% related to the banking world. And 80% of that percentage was linked to the lack of Intesa Sanpaolo and UniCredit apps, which are now there along with all the others “.

These days Huawei will start with sales of the ‘Nova 9’, brand “on which we have decided to focus. This is not to say that there will be no P line“, which was the great workhorse of the group. While on the Mate series” at the moment we have no indications yet, but it is a special moment and we want to do things slowly“.

“In addition, since the first ban arrived – continues Furcas – several departments have been set up, including that of the ecosystem which, among other things, deals with talking with partners to migrate apps to our AppGallery as well. is the cloud department, which sells the services on the platform. We have Huawei Music and Huawei video. Today we are making sales that I never expected to see in these 18 months. We also sell advertising: we are starting with advertising, which allows our partners, but also outsiders, to invest in advertising on our platform, which out of 10 million customer base made up of people with a Huawei phone, we boast 6.3 million users who log in and use the services at least once a month“. In short, concludes Furcas,” the ban was an impulse, what doesn’t kill you makes it stronger. It was probably the path we had to take“.